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With minimal running, or “barefoot running” as it’s often called, becoming such a popular subcategory in the running world, there’s no reason why the same principles can’t be adapted for everyday life!

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In comes the Freud heritage tennis shoe by VIVOBAREFOOT™. This smart and ultra-versatile sneaker was designed in England by head designer Asher Clark, marrying modern-classic style with the brand’s Pure Barefoot™ technology. This means that not only does the Freud offer all-day comfort, you’ll also get total flexibility and the natural motion control that VIVOBAREFOOT is known for. 

Day in and day out, your feet will be free to move as nature intended in this durable weather-resistant shoe that goes so well with all your everyday casual outfits.

In short: it looks like your dream shoe has finally arrived!

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New Brand Spotlight: Altra Zero Drop™ Footwear

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Altra Zero Drop™ footwear is comprised of a group of passionate people committed to improving running technique through biomechanically proper footwear. Having over 30 years of specialty running experience, they felt it was time to bring something to the market besides traditional running footwear.

The brand long believed that a running shoe should not encourage a heel strike, but rather should let the body move naturally. After cutting down a running shoe heel and testing a zero-drop shoe, they saw how it reduced injury and changed several lives for the better, even bringing running back into the lives of a few who never thought it possible. Using a zero-drop platform, foot-shaped lasts and gender-specific designs, Altra Zero Drop brings a blend of barefoot freedom with shod protection.

The brand prides itself on their design of cushioned, foot-shaped minimalist running shoes that do not feature an elevated heel. This innovative platform allows for a more natural foot strike and a more efficient ride. The gender-specific toe box construction follows the natural shape of the foot, providing enhanced comfort, increased balance and stride efficiency.

Altra Zero Drop strives to bring natural running shoes to the masses and believes natural running can make a difference in people’s lives, as well as make running fun. Life is short. Run better!

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Summertime Adventures with Jambu

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Jambu Kids Dragonfly & Jambu Waterbug Barefoot

Whether it’s zip lining through lush rainforests, hiking along riverbeds, kayaking, or just spending a fun-filled day at the beach, Jambu has your feet covered this summer!

Their selection of lightweight, water-friendly shoes allows you to get as adventurous as you’d like this summer, without having to constantly switch shoes. Because after all, life is a constant journey, and we all need the right shoes that can keep up with the terrain!


Check out this cool video showing the Jambu Waterbug Barefoot and Jambu Kids Dragonfly in action in beautiful Puerto Rico:

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New to Zappos: Vivobarefoot by Terra Plana

running shoes,men, minimalist, minimalist movement, minimalist running, minimalist shoes, new brands, new to zappos, runners, running, running shoes, terra plana, trail runners, Trail running, vivobarefoot, womenAs pioneers in the barefoot movement, Vivobarefoot by Terra Plana was launched in 2004 with form and function in mind. Its use of a patented 6mm ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole provides sensory awareness without sacrificing protection.

The greater ground feel that Vivobarefoot shoes provide means your feet are able to move more naturally, reserving energy while helping to prevent injuries.

Vivobarefoot shoes are produced using recycled, locally-sourced materials with eco-friendly production techniques.

Happy running, and don't forget to sign up for the 2011 Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon

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BIOM by ECCO: Ushering In A New Age Of Natural Motion

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The BIOM Natural Motion collection from ECCO® is based on the principle that by adding support only where the foot needs it, the foot is allowed to move and flex the way nature intended. This departure from traditional stability and motion-control footwear is the basis of the minimalist movement in athletic shoes.

Built on an anatomical last, all BIOM shoes provide a more natural flexion and dynamic stride. This allows your feet to move within its natural range of motion, breaking the habit of a heel-strike stride encouraged by more traditional cushioned pronation-control shoes.

Whether you’re looking for a walking shoe or a fitness running shoe, there’s a BIOM shoe tailored for your specific needs. The thing to remember when first transitioning into minimalist shoes, such as the BIOM Natural Motion,  is to start slowly. It takes some time for your feet to acclimate to the lack of heel lifts and motion control found in more traditional running and walking shoes.

Check out the video below, featuring world class triathlete Torbjorn Sindballe, explaining the proper way to gradually adapt to the BIOM Natural Motion shoes.

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Less Is More: The New Balance 101


With the growing trend towards minimalist footwear in the world of running, New Balance introduces the predecessor to the New Balance 100, the New Balance 101. The 101 is an extremely lightweight trail running shoe that combines elements of natural running technology with a minimal design for unsurpassed comfort and responsiveness on the trail.

Built to satisfy the world’s most demanding runners, those who tackle miles of tough terrain on a regular basis, the New Balance 101 was designed with the idea that less is more. By allowing your feet to move the way nature intended it to, wearing minimalist shoes mimics your natural gait when running barefoot.

The New Balance 101 is the antithesis to traditional cushioned pronation-control running shoes. Its deconstructed design both on the minimal upper and traction outsole creates an ultra-lightweight shoe with increased ground contact and ultimate foot flexibility. This allows the trail runner more freedom of movement, just as nature intended.