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Which State Has the Strongest Moms?

Moms are the ultimate multitaskers. They navigate their busy schedules with awe-inspiring agility and strength; all while carrying everything but the kitchen sink in their trusty handbags! It’s no lightweight job!
See how each state stacks up on the “mom arm-strength scale” in terms of average handbag size purchased from

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New Brand Spotlight: Belli

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For expecting moms, Belli is Picky for a Purpose. Belli provides soothing, balanced skincare products that pamper and protect. Their collections – Belli Pregnancy, Belli Motherhood and Belli Baby – consider the specific skincare needs of each stage of pregnancy, with thoughtful attention to providing peace of mind. Every product is allergy tested, and free of artificial dyes, phthalates and paraben preservatives.

Belli does their homework when it comes to skincare ingredients so women can embrace life and enhance beauty. The ingredient selections in their skincare formulations are based upon an extensive review of published medical studies. The searches include four databases: TERIS, TOXLINE, DART, and MEDLINE - that comprise over 16 million published medical studies in over 5,000 international journals. Belli also LactMed* screens all ingredients in the Belli Pregnancy collection so women can continue to use the products postpartum while nursing.

*LactMed is a peer-reviewed and fully referenced database of drugs to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Gourmet Goddess

For the mom who loves to work her magic in the kitchen, a gift of a fabulous kitchen gadget is not only thoughtful; you reap some benefits from it, too!

Mom’s culinary talents will shine even brighter with a few quality kitchen essentials in her arsenal. Maybe she’ll even whip you up a delicious treat for giving her such a great Mother’s Day gift!

Check out a few of our favorite kitchen helpers that mom will surely love:

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1. Wusthof Gourmet 7-Piece Block Set, 2. Le Creuset 5-Piece Signature Set, 3. DeLonghi Hand Blender Set, 4. Higbury Bistro de Paris 4-Piece Bowl Set, 5. Le Creuset 4.5 Qt Casserole, 6. Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer

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How I Survived My Cross-Country Move

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Two weeks ago, my family made the big move from Phoenix, Arizona to New Hampshire. In case you're wondering, it was about 2,700 miles. Now, for those of you who have done a cross-country move before, I commend you! Those 4 days were the most exhausting, patience-testing days of my life. Not only did we have a van full luggage, 2 dogs, and our 10-year- old daughter, but we also had our daughter's harp (why should couldn't play something compact like the harmonica or recorder, is beyond me!), miscellaneous items that we couldn't live without for a week ,and lots of snacks for the long drive.

After going through the ordeal of driving 12-13 hour days with lots of stops along the way, I compiled a list of things from that would have made the drive so much easier:

Kavu Mini Travel Bag - First of all, isn't the pattern the cutest? You won't have to go groping through your entire suitcase for your toiletries, encountering items that you probably didn't want to touch along the way, and everything will stay nice and neat. Love it.

Eagle Creek Sandman Travel Pillow - My neck is still tilted towards my shoulder from taking naps while my husband was driving. I’m definitely using this travel pillow on my next trip!

Eagle Creek Quick View Travel Clock - I hate waking up in the middle of the night in a strange place and madly searching for my phone or watch to check the time. This portable alarm clock glows in the dark, and is perfect for checking to make sure you haven't overslept. And the alarm function is an added bonus to avoid having to remember to call in those wake-up calls, like a certain someone might have forgotten a time or two.

Eagle Creek Travel Ear Plugs - I wouldn't know what it's like at all, but I hear that some people have spouses who snore. These ear plugs might be really good for those people. They're also great for keeping the noise out when catching a snooze while on the road.

Tumi Flashlight Key Fob
- I can't tell you how many times we had to run to the car in the dark to grab something essential that we forgot to bring into the hotel room. Of course, it was never my fault that this happened, since I knew where everything was located! It was those other family members who wouldn't listen to where I said this or that was located. But I digress. This flashlight fits easily on your keyring so you'll always have it with you, and will help you avoid falling over curbs. Not that  I did that!

I'm still at the point where I curl into the fetal position upon seeing a car, but eventually I'm hoping to overcome that and take a roadtrip again. I'd love to know what travel accessories are on your must-have list!

Amy Lowe is founder of The Mom Hood, a blog about all her new (and entertaining) experiences living the country life in New Hampshire. She can be reached at

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Back to School Shopping Guide: School Bags

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Starting the new school year off with a new backpack and lunch bag is a great way to get your little student excited. Think about it, your kids carry their school bags all day, five days a week, why shouldn’t they have something worth showing off?

Here are some of our top picks for fun and functional school bags they’ll be proud to carry to school every day:

1. Nike Kids Lunch Tote: This spacious and durable lunch tote will keep lunch, drinks and snacks fresh and cool.

2. Nike Kids Rolling Backpack: This back-saving bag is perfect for rolling around heavy textbooks and gear.

3. Dakine Messenger: A classic messenger bag with tons of storage for long days on campus.

4. JanSport Superbreak Backpack: This classic backpack comes in a ton of cool colors and patterns for every kind of kid.

5. Roxy Kids Conversation Backpack: Your little surfer girl will surely appreciate the cool style of this utilitarian backpack.

6. Volcom Messaround Lunch Sack: Perfect for keeping her afternoon snacks nice and fresh.

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5 Tips for Balancing Pregnancy and Pet Ownership

I considered myself a mom long before I found out I was pregnant.  While these “kids” of mine are covered in fur, they are no less important to me. For the last four years, I have been owned by two great dogs – an Italian Greyhound named Ava and a Spaniel mix named Jackson. They have taught me so much about caring for another living being, that I credit them for making me into the mother my soon-to-be-born son is going to have.

As this is my first pregnancy, there has definitely been an adjustment period for all of us – dogs included. There are new routines and new ways of doing things that everyone had to get used to. While I believe my dogs are quite in tune with me, it’s hard to make them understand what all these changes mean. They still have demands and they still have needs that I need to tend to while trying to navigate all the changes that are happening with me. It can be hard to balance it all, but it is possible!

Here are my five tips for balancing pregnancy and pet ownership:

  1. Know that your pets know. My dogs knew I was pregnant before I did. I was wondering why their personalities changed so drastically (Jackson became very clingy to me and Ava became very playful – out of character for her) and when I found out I was pregnant, I realized the change came at the same time. You won’t fool your pets – they will know a huge change is coming.
  2. Allow for some sniffing. As your pets realize there are changes occurring with you, they will try to use their best sense – their sense of smell – to get themselves acquainted with the new you. While it may seem awkward to allow your dogs to sniff you all day long, it’s how they learn and it’s important for their adjustment.
  3. Have patience. Pregnancy brings a lot of hormonal changes and your patience may be in short supply, but if you are to have patience with anything, let it be your pets. They are going to be a bit anxious sensing the changes and not knowing exactly what is to come next. Losing your patience with them will make the adjustment that much harder.
  4. Incorporate pets into an exercise regime. Pregnancy fatigue can cause you to want to do nothing but sleep, but that is not the healthiest of decisions. Pets – dogs, especially – can force you to get up and get some exercise. Use them to help you stay healthy.
  5. Start new routines early. Things are going to change when the baby comes, that is undeniable. You can help ease everyone into the new routine by starting it long before the baby forces you into it. For example, if you plan to have the nursery a pet-free zone, start implementing the new rule right away. If you plan to walk the dogs while pushing a stroller, start doing so as soon as you bring the stroller home.

I have been able to really allow my dogs to investigate and acknowledge all the changes that are taking place with me and our family dynamic, and by doing so, they have taken everything more easily that I could have imagined. They still become anxious at times, especially during a new phase of the pregnancy, but with a little patience and understanding, they are able to adjust and take it all in stride.

Next phase: introducing them to the baby they have been sensing for the first time.

*Guest blogger Heather Reynolds is a pet lover and internet journalist at Trupanion, North America’s fastest growing pet insurance company. Trupanion offers 90% coverage of veterinary bills with no payout limits. Enrolled pets receive lifetime coverage for diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications if they become sick or injured.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: The Trendy Fashionista Mom

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Today’s installment of Mother’s Day gift ideas centers around the trendy mom. This fashionista mom is always up on the latest trends and loves to read fashion magazines to get style inspiration. She’s hip, fashionable and never compromises style for comfort. Pick on-trend, age-appropriate accessories that work with her ever-changing wardrobe.

Here are just some of our favorite trend-conscious gifts for the hip mommy:

1. MICHAEL Michael Kors Joan Large Satchel: Michael Kors designed and named this stylish bag especially for his own mother Joan. It’s a stylish yet classic bag that will take mom through season after season of chic, refined style.  

2. Jessica Simpson wide belt: A little bit country, a little bit boho, this lovely belt is great for updating mom’s tunics and dresses. It gives flattering shape to tons of wardrobe staples.

3. Juicy Couture Black Cocktail Ring: Give mom a statement cocktail ring with a touch of vintage style.

4. Betsey Johnson watch: This stunning watch has just the right dose of whimsy with its oversized numbers and leopard-print lining.

5. Calvin Klein Nikole cork wedges: Wedges are a huge trend this season, and this simple and versatile wedge sandal is just what her wardrobe needs this summer.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Moms Who Love To Travel

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Today’s mother’s day feature revolves around the jet-setting mom. She’s the mom who’s always up for an adventure, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or an exotic trek in some faraway destination. The key to finding the perfect gifts for this travelling mom is getting pieces that are both stylish and functional.

Here are some of our favorite travel gifts to make your mom’s next trip even more fabulous:

1. Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer: This handy bag keeps all her cosmetics and toiletries in one convenient place. It’s great for hanging in the hotel bathroom to keep essentials at close reach.

2. Diane Von Furstenberg Camargue 24” Rolling Expandable luggage: A bold choice for the mom who loves fashion and travel. It even comes with a matching accessories pouch to keep her organized.

3. Tumi Passport Cover: This sleek and elegant passport cover is made of fine Italian leather, perfect for the mom who lives for travelling the globe.

4.Clarks Un.Grip sandals: These easy-to-wear sandals make the best shoes for travel. They’re versatile, durable, and superbly comfortable for all-day walking.

5. June Jacobs Spa Collection Body Spa Travel Kit: Pamper mom while she’s on the road with this luxurious body care set.