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Kenneth Cole Reaction Has A Little Something For Everyone

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Kenneth Cole Reaction is cool, casual, modern style for energetic men and women committed to living life to the fullest. Looking confident, without trying too hard, Kenneth Cole Reaction captures a Downtown New York sensibility for people who express themselves in unexpected ways. Kenneth Cole Reaction was introduced in 1996 with a line of men’s casual footwear. Kenneth Cole Reaction was born out of a need to make form and function collide, producing stylish and on-trend pieces that still leave room for personal style. Fun, function, youthful, energetic, Kenneth Cole Reaction is more tongue-in-cheek and not so corporate and serious. Kenneth Cole Reaction is about how individuals put outfits together, not just a pair of shoes.

For the men, the Rally Stripe will make you a one-man motorcycle gang. The supple leather and crisp buckle closures make the Rally Stripe a boot for every occasion. If you’re looking to get your boots a little dirty, the Hunt-in-Man is the ultimate outdoor boot. But every man needs a great pair of leather dress shoes and the Note Book will distinguish your look this season. For the ladies, the Hipstir Cloud are fabulously fashion-forward booties that are made for the catwalk. For braving the elements, you’ll want to turn to the Moto Bike, a biker-inspired supple suede boot with studded straps and a buckle closure. But when it’s showtime, turn to the Spacechip, a sensational peep-toe bootie with electrifying fold-over design with studded accents.

Kenneth Cole Reaction is more youthful in spirit, fun and colorful than its Kenneth Cole New York counterpart. Bold colors, clean lines and the incorporation of new technology gives Kenneth Cole Reaction a modern sensibility. Form follows function, attracting a comfort-seeking, fast-paced customer. Functional and contemporary, the Kenneth Cole Reaction consumer is perfectly dressed for a casual workday or to enjoy their downtime.

I Never Thought This Would Happen to Me!

There are lots of rumors flying around about the recent photos taken of me wearing thigh high boots . So I just want to post my version of what really happened. Now that the photo shoot is over, I’m trying to think back on how I was conned by the photographer into posing in them.

The photo shoot started out innocently enough. The photographer chose one of the conference rooms at Zappos headquarters and told me to just relax and be comfortable, and he took normal shots of myself and Brent sitting or standing casually in our normal clothes and shoes. We did various shots in the conference room for about half an hour, and a couple of them were pretty fun poses. There were a few shots of Brent wearing a Viking hat and me wearing a Burger King-like crown.

When it looked like the whole photo shoot was over, the photographer said “Oh, and just one more thing… I want to do a quick shot outside if you don’t mind.” Sounded innocent enough, so I agreed.

And then he said, “But outside, I’d like you to wear different shoes, do you mind wearing something more colorful or bright?”

And I said, “I don’t think I have colorful or bright shoes that fit me here at the office.”

And then he said, “That’s okay, anything is fine… you could just have something like these high heels near you.”

I’m not quite sure what happened after that. I think I blacked out. There’s a 15-minute period of my life that just disappeared. The next thing I knew, I was sitting on a bench with Brent gingerly removing the thigh high boots off of my legs and the photographer telling me that those were great shots and I looked really good.

And next thing I know, my photo was uploaded by a passing employee on our company blog.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.