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Holiday Gift Guide for the Runners on Your List

Feel-good endorphins. There are a couple of good ways to get them pumping; you can catch a brisk morning run before work OR you can give great gifts that make the runners on your list very happy.

These gifts should put everyone in a great mood! Now that’s a win-win situation!

Check out some of our top gift picks that’ll put a spring in any runner’s stride:

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Women's: 1. Muzuno Wave® Rider 16, 2. Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie II, 3. Newton Running Women's Terra Momentum, 4. inov-8 F-Lite 215 (also ideal for CrossFit!), 5. Nike Skapri  6. adidas Running Thrasher TR W

Men's: 7. Under Armour ColdGear® Fitted Longsleeve Mock, 8. Merrell Bare Access 2, 9. Brooks NightLife Essential Run Jacket II, 10. Tifosi Optics Radius Interchangeable Sunglasses, 11. Mizuno Wave ® Rider 16, 12. Nike + Sportband

For more running shoes, clothes and accessories, visit the Zappos Running Central page!

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Ditch The Treadmill For Some Fresh Air: 5 Safety Tips For Running Outdoors

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Take advantage of the warmer weather by taking your running sessions outdoors. Start off with the perfect pair of running shoes like the ever-popular ASICS. Taking the time to pick the correct type of running shoes for your pronation type is key to avoiding injuries on those long runs on concrete and asphalt.

When running outside in heat and humidity, it’s essential that you pick lightweight clothing with moisture-wicking properties. For women, try the sleek Fizz Tank II from Sugoi and the Adidas Stella McCartney Running Performance Short. For men, pick a comfy muscle tank, like the Adidas Response Tee, to keep cool on your run. A pair of lightweight shorts like the Nike Four-Inch Woven Short is a good basic.

Running outside also calls for some extra safety precautions. Here are 5 tips to make your runs safer and more comfortable:

1. When listening to music, keep the volume low enough so you are able to hear cars and cyclists. Never assume that a car can see you.

2. Run facing the traffic.

3. Be careful not to run on paths where you are consistently on a slant. This is very hard on your hips and knees.

4. When running in low light conditions, wear reflective materials.

5. Wear sunscreen when running in the daytime. SPF 30 or above is best.

To get the latest and greaest in running shoes, clothing and accessories, check out Zappos Running Central.

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Zapponian 5K Spotlight: Jay D.

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A couple of weekends ago, a few Zapponians represented in the Corporate Challenge 5K race, taking home first place in the Group A division. A handful others are also running 5Ks and 10Ks as part of their personal Fitness Challenge. With all this enthusiasm for fitness and running going around at Zappos HQ, we thought it would be cool to talk to one of our Corporate Challenge 5K runners, Jay, to find out a little about how he started getting into running and how he prepped for Corporate Challenge.

H: What made you decide to run a 5K?

J: For fun!  My wife (Rowena) and I have been training for awhile for this and thought it’d be nice to run it together for fun.  We had a little change of plans when I found out I made it on the scoring team (first 5 in any age bracket scores points) and had to run a competitive time.  I actually had to run hard to try and score a point for us.  Plus, Rowena never got to run since they (the officials) didn’t let anyone else on the course, only the competitors.


H: How long have you been a runner?

J:  On and off since high school…so about 17 years. I’ve never been a long distance runner.  This body’s not very aerodynamic and not built for long distances, but I like to run regularly for cardio purposes.


H: What was your time in the Corporate Challenge 5K?

J: A paltry 00:26:54.  Again, I'm not built for the long haul!  But I am aiming for under 24 mins next time.


H: What was your main motivation during training?

J: Getting my daily cardio and doing something athletically challenging with my wife.


H: What were some of your favorite running gear to use during training?

J: I like the Nike Pro Core Long Compression Shorts and my Zappos Corporate Challenge t-shirt of course! I also liked the K-Swiss Tubes Run 100.


H: How did you prepare the day before the race?

J:  I ran a brisk mile and a half, went to sleep early, and had a light breakfast (cereal bar) I also drank Gatorade throughout the day to stay hydrated. 


H: Are you planning on running more 5Ks?

J: Sure! A lot of people here in the office are doing various 5Ks and 10Ks, so it’ll be easy to stay motivated.


H: Any advice to people who are considering running their first 5K?

J:   Train right, train regularly, eat right and always stretch before each run.  And don’t get caught up in the competitiveness of it all, run your own race and have fun!

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