6 Travel Pieces For Thanksgiving

Right now, at this very moment, an estimated 600,000 people are flying on a commercial jet. To put that in perspective, that’s equivalent to all residents of Portland abandoning their city for the friendly skies.

And with the Thanksgiving holiday next week, an estimated 25 million Americans are expected to travel by plane over the long weekend. With long lines, packed flights and congested seating, you have a very important decision to make: carry-on or checked baggage?



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bags and luggage, cross body bags, Lipault Paris, Rimowa, samsonite, travel bags, traveling light



The Rimowa Cabin Multiwheel, which is part of their Salsa line of luggage, is an exceptional bag for the frequent flier. Built with sturdiness in mind, this bag features a polycarbonate shell for added protection, as well as a recessed TSA security lock for added privacy. Luxury add-ons include ergonomic gel handles, a retractable Add-A-Bag holder and Rimowa’s patented rotating wheel technology. Again, if you find yourself at the airport more often than just the holidays, this is a worthy investment.

Samsonite is a global leader in luggage for a reason, and this Omni Spinner further illustrates why. This polycarbonate, micro-diamond texture is extremely scratch resistant and can hold up to the toughest conditions. Click the image above to learn more about all its capabilities.

For the light-packing traveler, this carry-on from Lipault Paris is absolutely everything. Stylish, functional, roomy and extremely lightweight, this bag is the ultimate travel companion. Bonus: measuring in at 19 inches, you have the option of carrying on if you're a little strapped for cash.



bags and luggage, cross body bags, Lipault Paris, Rimowa, samsonite, travel bags, traveling light


In addition to checked luggage, don’t forget to put some thought into your one free personal item. An oversize tote is a nice alternative to a backpack and is small enough to slide under the seat. Additionally, leave your bulky purse at home and opt for a travel bag or anti-theft crossbody for worry-free travel.



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Packing Essentials for Summer Vacations

Any travel-savvy person can attest to the importance of organized and efficient packing—whether it’s for a long weekend or an extended holiday abroad. That’s where the right luggage, bags and accessories play a crucial role. Smart packing can save you a lot of time and hassle in transit, giving you more time to enjoy the journey ahead.

Below we’ve gathered up a few of our packing/travel sidekicks for every kind of summer trip on your itinerary. Bon voyage!

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Weekend Getaways:

1. Kipling “Darcey” Luggage Small

2. Bric’s “Milano Bojola” Traditional Shave Case

3. Tumi Voyageur “Geneva” Carryall

4. Rimowa “Salsa Air” Ultralight in Acid Green (Zappos Exclusive)


International Travel:

1. Eagle Creek “Sandman” Travel Pillow

2.Rimowa “Limbo” Cabin Multiwheel International

3. Pacsafe RFID Safe™ RFID-Blocking Travel Waist Wallet

4. Jonathan Adler “Airplanes” Passport Case


Summer Explorations:

1. Eagle Creek 2-in-1 Backpack/Duffel

2. Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Specter Wallaby Small

3. Fossil “Keyper” Beach Tote

4. Arc’teryx “Pyxis 12” Backpack

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Going Somewhere This Summer? Check out these 9 Travel Must Haves.

Let’s face it; the most dreaded parts of the whole travel experience are packing and transit. Although the anticipation of an adventure-filled summer trip may be the best incentive to go through the tedium of packing a suitcase and trudging through airport terminals, it doesn’t hurt to start any trip off with some help!

Before you begin planning for any trip, consider arming yourself with luggage, travel bags and travel accessories that make all the difference between a smooth packing session and a dreadful one. By investing in a few great travel essentials now, you’re ensuring that every trip, from short weekend getaways to faraway destinations, will be a lot more pleasurable and stress free!

Below are some of our must-have travel picks that can turn any novice traveler into a pro! Go ahead a rack up those frequent flier miles; these guys will be your trusty travel companions for years to come!

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1. Mighty Purse Charging Wallet – keep your mobile device charged up on the go with this handy wristlet.

2. Tumi Voyageur Laval Toiletry Kit – getting through security with your travel toiletries is a breeze when they’re housed neatly in this pretty case.

3. Bric’s Milano Pronto 22” Duffel – perfect for quick weekend getaways or carry-on essentials.

4. Victorinox Deluxe Travel Pillow – give your neck plush support during long flights with this super soft fleece pillow.

5. Travelpro Crew 20” Expandable Business Plus Rollaboard – this durable carryon is perfect for quick trips with room for souvenirs!

6. Delsey Belfort Plus 30” Spinner Trolley  - for longer hauls, this spacious and lightweight suitcase is as dependable as they come.

7. Kenneth Cole Reaction Columbian Leather Day Bag – perfect for sightseeing excursions and city commutes, this crossbody bag keeps your essentials organized and close at hand.  

8. Victorinox Victoria Aspire Expandable Foldable Tote – pack this light nylon tote for extra carryon items like magazines, souvenirs and other shopping hauls!

9. Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Specter Cube Set  - this simple yet ingenious packing system keeps all your clothes neatly rolled and compact in your suitcase.

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Need a Vacation?

Let’s face it; it’s been a pretty brutal winter for most of the country. If there’s ever been a time when you’ve thoroughly earned your spring getaway, this is probably it.

Start planning that spring escape now! Whether it’s just a quick weekend roadtrip to the beach or that exotic getaway you’ve always dreamed of, we’ve got the packing part covered.

Before you know it, you’ll be turning on that “out of office” message, turning off the constant flow of status updates and texts, and trading it all in for a nice, relaxing spring break.

Check out some of our favorite packing essentials for that well-earned vacation!

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1. Samsonite Silhouette Sphere Weekender Boarding Bag

2. Delsey Helium Shadow 2.0 21” Carry-On Trolley

3. Briggs & Riley Baseline Executive Toiletry Kit

4. Bric’s Milano Life Holdall Travel Bag

5. Tumi Vapor™ Medium Trip Packing Case

6. Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Starter Set

7. Pacsafe Camsafe V2 Anti-Theft Camera Holster

8. Lipault Paris JPS Series 19” Weekend Tote


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Pack up for Spring Break with Burton!

You’ve made it through the long winter and now it’s time to shed those layers and let your hair down for some spring break action! Whether it’s a roadtrip with friends or a much-needed getaway to a tropical spot, Burton makes the luggage, travel bags and weekend bags you need to kick back and relax in style.

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1. Burton Tour Kit - makes a great toiletries bag! 

2. Burton Tinder Pack - great for quick weekend adventures.

3.Burton Emphasis Pack- great for school and after-school fun.

4. Burton Women's Westrick Duffle- a great carry-all purse.

5. Burton Lil' Buddy Cooler- comes with speakers to play tunes at the beach or BBQ!

6. Burton Synth Messenger- carries books, magazines and your laptop in style.

7. Burton Red Eye Roller-great carry-on suitcase for longer trips.

8. Burton Wheelie Double Deck- features a convenient removable laundry bag.

9. Burton Accessory Case- Keeps smaller necessities like batteries, energy bars, etc. easy to reach.

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Pop Art + Travel: The De La Nuez Collections by Heys

Travelling in style just got a dose of pop art! Heys, the leader in hardside fashion luggage partnered up with the “King of Pop Art” Nelson De La Nuez to create the Material Girl, Martini Time and Vintage Travel collections. De La Nuez’s work is a unique juxtaposition between surrealism and pop art, adding bold and whimsical style to liven up your jetset life.

Heys, Heys Luggage, Heys hardside luggage, Nelson De La Nuez, pop art, Nelson De La Nuez for Heys, Heys suitcases, Nelson De La Nuez pop art, King of Pop Art, travel, travel bags, luggage, suitcases, bags, suitcases and luggage

1. Heys De La Nuez Collection-Material Girls 22" Carryon 2. Heys De La Nuez Collection Material Girls 9" Beauty Case, 3. Heys De La Nuez Collection Travel 26" Spinner

"We created the Heys De La Nuez collection to give consumers everywhere the opportunity to expand their art collections, show their sense of style, and purchase trendy, high-end luggage at affordable prices,” says Harry Sheikh, Heys USA President and CEO. “We believe this collection will bring a new level of fashion to Heys with its pop art influence and textured design.”

Check out the colorful and outspoken design of the rest of the Heys De La Nuez collections for your next trip!

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New Brand Spotlight: SOLO

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For over a century, SOLO® has been designing bags and cases specifically for the professional who makes things happen. As you climb the corporate ladder, you need a case that is as ambitious and hardworking as you are. From backpacks to rolling cases and totes to sleeves, SOLO is right there by your side helping you to achieve more.

Whether you demand a traditional briefcase for your daily office needs or a rolling overnighter that packs all the organization you need for that unexpected business trip, SOLO is designed for success with great style, intelligent functionality, and quality craftsmanship.

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New Brand Spotlight: Crumpler

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It all started back in 1992 when Stuart ‘Stu’ Crumpler sat in his grandma’s garage in Ballarat, Australia trying to sew through a truck tarp so he could make a bag that was strong enough to haul a case of beer home on his bike. With the help of a parachute maker in 1993, Stud’s creative desire to make a great bag evolved from its humble beginnings to something much greater.

With a $20 flea market sewing machine and a pattern drawn on a piece of wood in pen affectionately called “Mr. Pattern,” Crumpler bags was born. Soon after, bike couriers came across his bags and began using them for their deliveries as well as offering feedback on what did and didn’t work for them. With the feedback from the couriers and Crumpler’s growing popularity, soon the bags were made from stronger and water-resistant materials with occasional mismatched colors, making it hard to ignore. It was this update that helped Crumpler grow in popularity and soon have a following.

These days the Crumpler line has significantly expanded beyond cycling (with a case of beer) to include professional camera bags, laptop computer bags, netbook and iPad® sleeves, backpacks, messengers, and even luggage. Despite the evolution in style and use that Crumpler bags have undergone, the simple principles behind ‘Mr. Pattern’ have remained the same—simplicity, a willingness to experiment, a big dose of humor, and a determination to make the best bag they can scissor from a single piece of fabric.

Urban, colorful, durable, and all you. Express who you are with Crumpler.