How NYDJ Can Inspire Your Autumn Attire

Uncomfortable, unstylish clothes have been around since the dawn of time. Fortunately, due to modern resources and technology, we’re no longer succumbed to gathering fig leaves, spinning linen or wrangling up sheep on our own just to create a pair of itchy, wooly pants.  

Today we’re blessed to have fashion forward designers and manufacturers craft tops, bottoms and everything in between on our behalf. However, when it comes to everyday style, women are still tasked to choose comfort for looks, as well as looks for comfort.

NYDJ doesn’t believe in that mantra. Instead, the brand continues to innovate their products and break the mold by creating a line of clothing dedicated to women not just young in age, but also in spirit. 





NYDJ is notably known for their original slimming jean. Created with premium materials, you’ll never experience that awful worn-in, bagging sensation often felt with other brands. And with this season's newest Sure Stretch Denim® technology, you'll instantly see an increase in your pants' flexibility. 

Additionally, NYDJ's universal fit makes it simple to get the same flattering look in every pair you choose. That’s right! Whether you're a crop, capri, bootcut, straight or skinny leg kind of girl, you’ll experience the same satisfaction in each and every style.





And as part of the brand’s constant innovation, NYJD has created Lift Tuck® technology to give gentle, slimming control in the front while simultaneously lifting and reshaping the back.

In fact, each style is designed to make you look one full size smaller. How does this sorcery work? Well, each style features a built-in crisscrossing panel from within that trims the tummy and creates a pleasing silhouette where you want and need it most.

Beyond denim, NYDJ incorporates its Lift Tuck® technology in their line of pants, dresses, tops and athletic attire.





This autumn, don’t just pair your ankle boots and cardigans with any kind of denim, dresses or tops. Instead, explore NYDJ’s vast selection of clothing that’s guaranteed to keep you looking fabulous and feeling exceptional.



New Brand Spotlight: Bobaeu

Bobeau, comfortable clothing, draping, loose fitting tops, women's clothing, women's apparel

Bobeau™ is a clothing brand that centers around comfort and value. The people there pride themselves on providing the go-to solution for women who want current, flattering fashion at affordable prices.

Bobeau utilizes draping and length in their styles, and they use classic colors for versatility. Their clothing is designed to complement your lifestyle and make fashionable dressing easy and effortless.

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Fresh Picks: Loungewear to Live In

Don’t get us wrong, we believe in working hard and playing hard, but we think downtime is equally as important. We all need to carve out that sacred time and space out of our crazy-busy schedules to give us a chance to tune in and recharge.

While it can be tempting to seize the opportunity to lazily slip into our ragged old college t-shirts and sweatpants during off-duty lounging, why not raise the bar on your downtime style? Opt for stylishly comfy (and great-fitting) pieces that feel every bit as lounge-worthy as that beat-up old concert tee from 1999 that you just can’t bear to part with! 

Instead of your usual giant t-shirts and sloppy sweatshirts, go for a super soft basic t-shirt and a pair of loose-fitting jogger sweatpants with a drawstring waist. Remember, simplicity is key to a great loungewear wardrobe—the goal is to be able to mix and match your essentials without putting much thought or effort into it. It IS your day off after all!

We’re not saying you should part with your beloved old t-shirt that brings back joyful memories of summer’s past, but keep your collection of nostalgic clothing pretty selective and leave more room for comfy yet stylish basics that allow you to leave the house for a snack run without looking like you just rolled out of bed!

To inspire a shift into more stylish lazy-day dressing, we’ve picked out a few of our favorite comfy pieces below:

Fresh Picks, loungewear, Alternative Apparel, LAmade, Only apparel, Only Clothing, Chaser, Splendid, Jack by BB Dakota, lounge clothing, women's clothing,

1. LAmade Boyfriend Tank

2. Alternative Apparel Ideal Tee

3. ONLY Shant Oversized Long-Sleeve Top

4. Splendid Slub Active Hoodie

5. Chaser Relax Tee

6. Alternative Powder Puff Tee

7. Jack by BB Dakota Sully Chambray Jogger

8. Chaser Animal Print Panel Pants

9. LAmade Basic Crop Leggings

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Glance Spotlight: The Look- Winter Wonderland

Winter is just around the corner, so we've handpicked a few warm and cozy styles to get your winter wardrobe ready for the chill! From knit sweaters to fuzzy boots to stylish jackets, we’ve got you covered all season long.

Click through to see these and more styles to love:

winter clothing, women's clothing, Glance by Zappos, sweaters, women's sweaters, gloves, boots, women's boots, women's jackets, jackets, cold-weather style,


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Inspired By: Overall Ovations

You know the saying, “what goes around comes around”? Well, that is certainly true when it comes to fashion. Take the sometimes perplexing overall for instance; some of us may be a little wary of this throwback trend, but with the right combination of chic pieces, it’s actually not that hard to pull off!

Today’s street style inspiration shows off a totally cool and dare we say, grownup take on the retro-inspired flare-leg overalls. By wearing it over a striped mock neck top and pairing with a nice pea coat, the look comes together with an unexpectedly classic twist! Throw on a pair of boots with substantial heels and a whimsical version of the classic baseball cap to finish off the look.

Street Style, Free People clothing, Free People, women's clothing, overalls, striped tops, street style inspiration, Echo Design, Steve Madden, French Connection,

street style image source: WGSN

1. Free People Washed Chambray Overalls

2. Steve Madden Koraa Boots

3. French Connection Future Mover Crossbody

4. Echo Design Baseball Cap w/ Pom

5. Free People Mod About It Tunic

6. Free People Mid Thigh Overcoat


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Glance Spotlight: What's New from The Seam

Spring is in full swing and we're more than excited to share a few fabulous new styles from our young contemporary fashion boutique, The Seam.

Click below to see the freshest spring picks from brands like Jack by BB Dakota, BCBGeneration & more!

Glance by Zappos, The Seam, Young Contemporary Fashion, Glance Spotlight, spring fashion, women's clothing, women's shoes, Spring Picks,


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New Brand Spotlight: EQUIPMENT Apparel

Equipment Apparel, Equipment Silk Blouses, Equipment women's clothing, Women's clothing, silk blouses, blouses, contemporary fashion,

Equipment  is a contemporary line of women’s clothing featuring clean, modern designs in a range of luxurious fabrics and versatile prints. It’s for the woman who believes that a chic wardrobe consists first and foremost of simple, classic and elegant pieces that defy trends.

Inspired by a modern perspective on fashion, Equipment offers signature closet staples such as year-round silk button-up blouses, gorgeous silk shirts & more. These elegant wardrobe pieces are indispensible for the modern, stylish woman with impeccable taste.


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Glance Spotlight: People StyleWatch Spring Essentials

We're super excited to share with you our new collaboration with our friends at People StyleWatch for this special edition of Glance picks!

This week, our guest curator is People StyleWatch Fashion Editor Kate Dimmock. Kate has handpicked great must haves for a pulled-together springtime wardrobe!

Click below to see all of her spring faves!

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