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A Musical "Thank You" From Our ZFC Family

Our Zappos KY family recently sent us some holiday cheer via an accordion-gram. They sent this awesome guy to serenade the Zappos HQ offices as a thank you for the team effort in getting the new WMS project up and running in the ZFC.

Big thanks to our ZFC family for putting a smile on our faces with some sweet accordion tunes!

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A Big Thank You to Our Zappos KY Family!

If you’ve ever ordered anything from, you know that we have one of the fastest, most hassle-free shipping around. None of this magic would be possible without our amazing team out in the Zappos Fulfillment Center (ZFC for short) in Shepherdsville, KY.

Our incredible Zappos KY family works day in and day out, 24/7, to deliver WOW to thousands of customers daily, and what they do is definitely no small feat. Many customers ask us if we do it all through magic. Some even ask if we use Santa’s magical elves to make all this possible. Well, who needs magic when we have such amazing people working tirelessly in our warehouse?

One step into the Zappos Fulfillment Center, and you’re instantly in awe of the well-oiled machine that is our over 1 million-square-foot warehouse. The Zappos Family here in Las Vegas would like to give a huge, well-deserved THANK YOU to ZFC for all the hard work that they do to keep the entire business running smoothly and for keeping our customers happy every day. High fives all around guys!