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Hsiehwalking: Chuck Norris Edition

What started out as a routine “Hsiehwalking” shoot, quickly turned into a Chuck Norris Facts spree!

Join “Tony Hsieh” (AKA Phil, his stunt double) as he walks around looking for Chuck Norris gold.

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Remember the “Jaywalking” segments on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno? We thought it would be funny to have our very own CEO Tony Hsieh do a similar Q&A segment and call it “Hsiehwalking”. Unfortunately, Tony was out of town, so we decided to bring in the next best thing, his unofficial stunt double, Phil.

Check out the first installment of Hsiehwalking as “Tony” walks around the Zappos HQ asking Zapponians a couple of trivia questions.

Check back next month for another installment of Hsiehwalking!