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Freewaters Summer Must Haves

Oh summer how we love thee! Let us count the ways. From impromptu weekend road trips to beach bummin’ it with friends, summertime really is the best time to wear super comfy Freewaters flip flops or sneakers on your feet!

Below are our Freewaters* picks for enjoying the summer to the fullest:

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1. Freewaters "Mariposa" Flip Flops

2. Freewaters "Kitz" Flip Flops

3. Freewaters "Sunshine" Flip Flops



1. Freewaters "Rocker" Flip Flops

2. Freewaters "Randy" Hemp Slip-ons

3. Freewaters "GPS" Flip Flops


* The purchase of one pair of Freewaters™ provides clean drinking water for one individual for one entire year.

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Go from Summer to School with Freewaters!

As much as we don’t want to admit it, summer is beginning to wind down and that means it’s time to start thinking about fall...and school. But don’t worry; transitioning from summer to back-to-school is easier than you think with the help of some awesome kicks from Freewaters!

With a fresh assortment of fall colors and prints, these Freewaters sandals and shoes are perfect for making the most out of the last days of summer while easing your way into fall.

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Plus, 1% of Freewaters gross sales go to directly fund their various water projects to provide clean drinking water to underprivilaged regions. We just love a great company with a great cause!


1. Freewaters "Roma"

2. Freewaters "Kitz" Wedge

3. Freewaters Travel Bug Prints


1. Freewaters "The Dude" '13

2. Freewaters "Sidney"

3. Freewaters "Mojave"

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Freewaters: Footwear with a Purpose

What’s better than a great pair of everyday shoes? A great pair of shoes that has a higher purpose. If you love brands that are built on around the idea of the greater good and helping humanity, then you have to check out Freewaters!

Freewaters is contributing 1% of GROSS sales (some companies only give 1% of profits or net sales; which is much less), to digging wells in areas of need. To put things in perspective, just one well can provide 400 people clean drinking water for as long as 8-10 years! That's a cause worth getting behind!

Check out their fun and wearable collection of shoes featuring their crazy-comfy Super Pillow Insole™. There are tons of fun new prints, colors and styles to keep you feeling good and doing good all summer long!

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Girls': 1. Freewaters Travel Bug Prints, 2. Freewaters Harlee, 3. Freewaters Sailor

Guys': 4. Freewaters Velo, 5. Freewaters Escape Artist Print, 6. Freewaters Mojave

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Freewaters Kenya Water Project

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On July 2010, founders of the new footwear brand Freewaters, Eli Marmar and Martin Kim, sat down with co-founders Phil and Dalene Hamer and professor and climatologist Russell Qualls. Within a few hours, Projectfreewaters was born.

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Since its inception, Freewaters has always been a footwear company grounded in the commitment to make this world a better place. When it came time to decide on which social initiative they would become involved with, it just made perfect sense to help with the worldwide water crisis.

Six months after their meeting about creating their own clean drinking water project, the five were off to Kenya to put their plan into motion.

Fast forward to the present: Projectfreewaters has successfully completed six wells in Tulwet, a small rural village in Kenya.

With over 3 million people dying each year due to unsanitary water, Projectfreewaters’ work has just begun. Freewaters hopes that with their small contribution to global water project initiatives, they are able to spark inspiration and a call to action towards helping in this growing world crisis.

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“We Can Do No Great Things, Only Small Things With Great Love.”