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Skechers: Black is Back for Fall

It’s really no surprise to anyone that black continues to be a staple color for all seasons. It’s versatile, ultra-flattering and chic. This season, SKECHERS® has come out with quite the lineup of cool styles in classic black.

Now you can wear your favorite SKECHERS® at work, on weekend errands or a fun night out—all in your favorite go-to color. After all, did black ever really go out of style? We think not!

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1. SKECHERS Best Girl- Captains, 2. SKECHERS Plus 3 Shootie, 3. SKECHERS Plus 3, 4. SKECHERS Kicks- Deco, 5. SKECHERS Lunacy- Dragon Tattoo, 6. SKECHERS Bikers-Boomer

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Go Run, Go Walk, Go Healthy with Skechers

Living a healthy lifestyle is just that…a lifestyle. There’s no reason why your healthy routine should end with the summertime. With the kids heading back to school and your schedule getting more hectic, it’s more important than ever to claim your “me time”.

Go for a relaxing jog, a brisk walk or head back to the gym to try that new cardio class. Grab a pair of new Skechers and go!

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1. Skechers Go Train, 2. Skechers Tone Ups Run, 3. Skechers Go Run Ride Ultra, 4. Skechers Liv-Smart, 5. Skechers Go Run, 6. Skechers Go Walk

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BOBS by Skechers: Make a Difference With Style

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On the model: BOBS by Skechers Chill in Navy

If you think fashion can’t change the world, think again. BOBS by Skechers is a line that is committed to making a real difference in the lives of underprivileged children all over the world. With every pair of BOBS by Skechers shoes sold, Skechers will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.  It’s as simple and as beautiful as that!

When fashion and a purpose go hand-in-hand, you really can’t go wrong. Check out the cool and laid-back espadrilles and wedges from the BOBS by Skechers collection today!