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You're Invited: ShopWithMe Presents a Pop-Up Shop! is excited to partner with ShopWithMe to introduce a unique and interactive 20,000-ft. retail experience in downtown Las Vegas between Nov. 21th-Dec. 31st that will bring a new take on holiday shopping, family-friendly fun and much more!

Just like the website, the store will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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“This will be a first-of-its-kind experience that brings the world of to life and gives holiday shoppers the chance to interact with all 4 of the Zappos Cs; Clothing, Customer Service, Culture, & Community.” said Zappos VP of Merchandising, Steve Hill.

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As customers move through the experience (located at the Western Hotel, 899 Fremont St.) they’re able to add to a shopping cart that exists in the physical and virtual worlds simultaneously. They’ll be able to choose exactly what it is they want in the color and size they want it and Zappos will deliver it using the same fast & free shipping customers have come to expect!

downtown las vegas, Pop Up Shop, zappos family, Zappos Holiday Pop-Up Shop, zappos hq,, ShopWithMe, OrderWithMe, Zappos Events,

downtown las vegas, Pop Up Shop, zappos family, Zappos Holiday Pop-Up Shop, zappos hq,, ShopWithMe, OrderWithMe, Zappos Events,

Customers will be able to browse, discover and find items including more than 2,500 sample items to touch and feel just like they normally would in any physical store. However, in the ShopWithMe experience, when a customer finds an item they like, their options are no longer limited by the walls of the store and they are able to broaden the shopping experience to include everything available to the Zappos customer online.

We hope to see you at the Pop-Up Shop this holiday season!

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The Kentucky Derby Festival: A two week celebration leading up to the greatest two minutes in sports – Thunder FunderThe Kentucky Derby!   How does a state, known for bourbon, horse racing, and “The Turtle Man” ring in the first race of the Triple Crown?  By lighting up the Ohio River, flying high in the sky, sampling the best food and drink that Kentucky has to offer, and so much more!


The Kentucky Derby Festival, attended annually by an estimated 1.5 million people, had an extra-special participant this year as joined the sponsorship team for the first time!  The hot air balloon delighted morning commuters in the Rush Hour Race, placing second with veteran pilot Charlie H.  The race preceded the breathtaking Balloon Glow that occurred on Friday, April 28th, lighting up the Kentucky night sky to the delight of at least 180,000 people.

But the balloon wasn’t the only way Zappos’ presence was felt at the 57th annual Festival.  Zappos employees and guests had the best seats in the house for the kick-off airshow and fireworks display, Thunder Over Louisville.  Spectators watched the largest fireworks presentation in the nation from the Second Street Bridge, with a vantage point that not only gave them an up-close perspective of the pyrotechnics, but allowed for a view of the Indiana and Kentucky shows, synced up as they blasted on both sides of the bridge.  The presentation of the Balloon was scheduled for the Fest-i-Ville Balloon Glimmer, that, despite weather cancellations, allowed for a fantastic time at the large, catered Zappos tent closest to the main stage action!  In addition, over 250,000 people lined the streets to see the floats of the Pegasus Parade, the Zappos Zone filled up with 3 sections of fans, both employees (who donated to Relay for Life in exchange for coveted bleacher seats), and members of the community who were randomly selected to join in the family fun! Balloon Glows at BalloonfestMore entertainment was slathered on the two week celebration as Bed and Steamboat Races took off, free music concerts, including Eddie Money, George Clinton, and AWOLNATION, rocked the river, and nearly 18,000 pairs of feet and wheels pounded the pavement of the Derby Festival Marathon and Mini Marathon.  Some familiar faces could be seen among the runners bounding towards the finish line.  Zappos employee Kari H called the 13.1 miles “a lot of fun”,” running with her father who had come from Atlanta, GA to participate in his first half-marathon.  The 8th mile was the highlight for many runners, when the course rounded the infield in Churchill Downs -- an area that would look dramatically different the following weekend, when the crowd descended on the 138th Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby Festival has come to represent the spirit that enlivens the city of Louisville.  Hopefully can continue to add its own energy to the celebration for years to come!


Fast Facts:Crew on the Second Street Bridge - Zappos Style

Attendance Numbers

Thunder Over Louisville- 400,000

Balloon Fest-i-Ville and Glimmer (with Zappos Zone catered tent) - 55,000

BalloonFest Balloon Glow - 180,000

Derby Festival Marathon/Mini/Expo - 19,733

Derby Festival Marathon/Mini Finishers - 16,500

Pegasus Parade - 250,000 ticket holders (more without tickets)

Pegasus Parade Viewership - Televised to over 140,000 viewers on NBC affiliate Wave3 ALONE!

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Happy Halloween!

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The Zappos Family would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween!

Tell us what your costumes you and your family are wearing today on the comments section below!

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Free In-Flight Access to from Gogo and Delta

Attention frequent fliers and frequent shoppers! Gogo Inflight Internet and Delta Airlines have partnered up with to give passengers free in-flight access to the Zappos website throughout the whole month of June on all domestic flights.

All you need to access for free is a Wi-Fi enabled devise like your laptop or smartphone during your flight. Once the plane hits 10,000 feet, you're free to shop!

Now you can buy those last-minute clothing items or an extra pair of shoes for your vacation and have it shipped to your destination! What better way to spend your airborne time than shopping our huge selection of everything from clothing to housewares?

Bon voyage and happy shopping!

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Scotty McCreery Obsession!

Check out the new webisode of, "Inside Zappos"! This week Pat and Darren see who sounds more ilke American Idol winner Scotty McCreery.  If you missed the last episode you can check it out HERE. Don't forget to tune in every other Tuesday for a new episode on

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Winning Big with Zappos Vendors

Winning on the Race!In typical zashion, members of both the Zappos Kentucky and Las Vegas families were on hand on May 12th to applaud our amazing vendors. In the morning, the visitors had the opportunity to tour the one-of-a-kind Fulfillment Center in Shepherdsville, KY, observing how the Zappos machine works from the inside, out.  Then, just as the sun rose to its peak in the afternoon sky, Zappos turned up the heat!

No trip to Kentucky is complete without a journey to historic Churchill Downs. After loading up the buses, our favorite shoe, apparel, and houseware reps headed to the site of the “best two minutes in sports”.  Never missing a chance to show why Zappos is one of Fortune 100’s Best Places to Work, 10 tables were also reserved for employees who assisted with the 2011 Vendor Fair in the high-class Skye Terrace, complete with a full buffet and open bar.  Tony Heish and company sponsored the sixth race of the day and celebrated up on Millionaires Row and in the Winner’s Circle.

With the Delivering Happiness bus parked out front, the mood in Suite 5 was elated and excited, enjoying time away from packaging and prepping in style. While not everyone won money at the races, the entire afternoon received an awesome review.

The night continued on to Fourth Street Live in Downtown Louisville, where the pubs weren’t the only thing crawling…

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Robby Gordon Visits Zappos HQ

Robby Gordon visited the office recently to show us his Car and talk racing with the Zappos Family. Many people know Robby from Nascar, but did you know that he started his career in Off Road Racing? He started Racing cars in 1990 after 5 consecutive Score International off-road class championships from 1986–1990.