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ReCommerce Hack Day Recap

Here's a recap of the first ReCommerce Hack Day back in the fall. Stay tuned for the next one in 2012!

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ReCommerce Hack Day

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A few of us here at Zappos (including members of the API, San Francisco, and FEZ teams) are currently in the works of hosting the first ReCommerce Hack Day on September 16-17, 2011. We're excited to see developers reinvent e-commerce and create some mind-blowing vertical retail experiences. It will be held in sunny Sinicon Valley (aka Las Vegas), and we invite you to come and join our growing tech community!

We'll be providing prizes for Best Overall Application, Most Fun & Weird, and Best Mashup in line with the retail hackathon theme. You don't have to use any specific API for these prizes – choose whichever strike your fancy and figure out how to WOW us!  Additionally, our sponsor partners will be providing prizes for the best use of their specific APIs as well. (If you're interested in sponsorship, please reach out to us at!)

On Friday night, we'll keep it casual - start out with a few presentations from our partners to hear all about their cool APIs, then we bring out the beer! This is your time to mingle with other hackers and to figure out who you want to work with along with which APIs to use. On Saturday morning, you'll wake up early, drink lots of water to cure your hangover, then start hacking away! We'll be providing food and drinks to keep your energy levels up.

Full details on the schedule and registration can be found on We're looking for developers, hackathoners, students, retailers, and good ol' API-lovers to join in on the madness! Hope to see you there!