CLT Thanksgiving Potluck

Here at Zappos, we like to look at ourselves as one big happy family. With Thanksgiving being here our Customer Loyalty Team decided to have one big potluck for the entire floor. They made turkeys, hams, pies and every type of side you can imagine. It was delicious!

All of us here at Zappos want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

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Finance Thanksgiving Potluck

The Finance team organized a department wide potluck dinner in the style of “The Pilgrim Supper” . We decided to check it out and see what was on the menu, and maybe do a little taste testing as well! Great job of exuding core value #7 Finance team!

Potlucks...and a Serious Hot Dog Issue

If there is one thing that we love around Zappos, it’s potlucks (among other food on)

Some department seems to have one at least once a week, if not more. We think it has to do with our Core Value of Team and Family Spirit. Or maybe we just love cooking for each other. Or we love eating? Or we love Tupperware? We’re not sure, but what we are sure of is that Terry I., for the Clothing team’s potluck, brought in something that we’ve all wanted at one point or another: a Hot Dog Roaster.

I know, I know, it’s not the newest invention in the world, but who would think to bring that to a potluck? Terry would.

This brings up an excellent point that I feel has never been addressed. Something that had never occurred to me until just this moment. For some reason, we really love hot dogs at Zappos, and there have been many signs of this addiction over the years. Whether it be the early days in Vegas when James would roast dogs every few days in the lunch room, or the hot dog eating contests at the picnics, or the Pipeline hot dog social events..we even were visited by the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile . Seriously, I think we need help.

But I digress….Terry, thanks for the Hot Dogs. And thanks for buying Clothing for us to sell on!

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Happy Frog Jumping Breakfast Potluck Day!

Our Human Resources team is known for hosting potlucks in the 2290 building, but today they really went over and above. In honor of Frog Jumping Day, they hosted a breakfast potluck complete with freshly made french toast, waffles, fresh fruit and breakfast pastries to feed the entire building.

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2290 Potluck Madnesss!

Tis the season of chowing down. Now I ask you, is there a better way to enjoy copious amounts of food with coworkers than with a potluck? I think not.

The 2290 building decided to have a housewarming, “International Potluck”. The HR and Training teams brought American food, the Finance team brought Spanish food, the PM team brought desserts, and the Dev team brought whatever they wanted to. It’s the best Potluck ever! So much food! Yum!!

Now that’s what I call a potluck!

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Nothing brings a group of people together like a potluck! Everyone may know by now that Zappos provides lunch for its employees, which is something that few companies do. Recently Zappos is switching over from catered lunches to our own in-house kitchen – but until then, it’s soup and sandwiches for us.

Of course, we’re not complaining about Soups and sandwiches, but sometimes it’s nice to spice up your lunch break without spending money on going out to lunch. So, for this very reason, departments have been coming together in order to spice up lunch time the old fashioned community way – through potlucks. I’ve noticed at least one pot luck per week here in the Zappos HQ – and lucky for me, Zapponians are a friendly bunch, so I got to partake in quite a few. Sharing is Caring!

Keep on potluckin’ Zapponians!