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Inov-8 with Ropetec

Today’s new crop of athletes and fitness enthusiasts demand more from their workout shoes more than ever before. That’s why Inov-8 launched their new Ropetec F-Lite 240 for men & F-Lite 215 for women styles to their line of functional fitness footwear this fall. They saw the need for added durability when rope climbing—a fitness activity gaining a surge of popularity thanks to Crossfit™ and bootcamp-style classes.

Working with athletes to design the F-Lite Ropetec series, Inov-8 sought out to help solve a common problem—wearing and burning of the midsole when descending and ascending the rope.  Along with great protection, these shoes also offer greater traction and durability via the rubberized caps over the exposed EVA midsole.

Check out the Inov-8 F-Lite series to take your fitness to a whole new level!

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Inov-8 F-Lite™ 240

Inov-8 F-Lite™ 215

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The Quicklist: Outdoor Edition

Hold on to your socks because we’ve got our first-ever Outdoor Quicklist coming your way! Here’s everything you need to explore the great outdoors and beyond... Check it out:


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1. inov-8 F-Lite™ 230 Unisex

2. Keen "Targhee" II Men's

3. Mountain Hardware Plasmic Jacket-Men's

4. Mountain Hardware Plasmic Jacket-Women's

camelbak, hiking, hiking essentials, inov-8, keen, kuhl, mountain hardware, outdoor essentials, outdoor footwear, outdoor shoes, suunto, the quicklist, Zappos Outdoor brands

5. Kuhl "Rydr" Pant-Men's

6. Kuhl "Bandita" Convertible Pant-Women's

7. Suunto "Vector" Watch

8. CamelBak Classic 70oz. Hyrdration Pack

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Runners on Your List

Feel-good endorphins. There are a couple of good ways to get them pumping; you can catch a brisk morning run before work OR you can give great gifts that make the runners on your list very happy.

These gifts should put everyone in a great mood! Now that’s a win-win situation!

Check out some of our top gift picks that’ll put a spring in any runner’s stride:

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Women's: 1. Muzuno Wave® Rider 16, 2. Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie II, 3. Newton Running Women's Terra Momentum, 4. inov-8 F-Lite 215 (also ideal for CrossFit!), 5. Nike Skapri  6. adidas Running Thrasher TR W

Men's: 7. Under Armour ColdGear® Fitted Longsleeve Mock, 8. Merrell Bare Access 2, 9. Brooks NightLife Essential Run Jacket II, 10. Tifosi Optics Radius Interchangeable Sunglasses, 11. Mizuno Wave ® Rider 16, 12. Nike + Sportband

For more running shoes, clothes and accessories, visit the Zappos Running Central page!

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Staff Picks: Favorite Running Trails

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Tired of the same old treadmill running? Why not make this year the year you take your runs outside and on the trail? As the weather heats up, there’s no better time to get some fresh air and take the trail on the way to your fitness goals.

Our resident running experts share their favorite running trails in the West coast:

Kelly R.- Skyline Ridge Trail Run - Palo Alto, CA

Braden M.- Blue Diamond Loop, NV

Raven M. - Temescal Canyon Loop in Santa Monica, CA

Jewels C.- Puget Sound Trails, Seattle WA

Check out our large selection of trail running shoes for every type of terrain and stride and hit the ground running!

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Inov-8 Evoskin: The Closest Thing to Barefoot

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So many footwear companies out there are clamoring to replicate the barefoot experience while keeping feet protected. Inov-8 has quite possibly created the purest barefoot feel with the Evoskin.

More of a “foot glove” than an actual shoe, the amazing Evoskin is made of soft and flexible silicone rubber throughout. Inov-8 categorizes the Evoskin as a training tool for people who want to strengthen their feet and improve their overall form. It works great on the treadmill, trails, or just running errands around town.

This versatile “shoe” is also perfect for a variety of fun water activities. Talk about a unique boat shoe! The grippy rubber sole is perfect for a day on the boat. The Evoskin has a brilliantly simple design and an adjustable strap system, making it really user friendly.

If you love to run and explore the world with bare feet, the Evoskin is the next best thing. It allows for a better sensory experience while keeping your feet nice and protected. Not to mention, you get the anatomical benefits of barefoot walking and running, giving you stronger foot and leg muscles. So, get out there an experience the world in the Inov-8 Evoskin!