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New Brand Spotlight: CAPiTA

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CAPiTA Snowboarding is based on the fishing docks of Seattle, Washington and is recognized throughout the industry for unique graphics, progressive product, and world-class athletes. Founded in 2000, this is the 12th collection using the finest materials, meticulous construction and award winning design.

CAPiTA has not only teamed up with the most respected factory in snowboarding but has refined their technical designs while implementing innovative new shaping theories and materials. This has stepped up the freestyle specific snowboard construction for everyone out there.

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New Brand Spotlight: Penny Skateboards

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Penny founder Ben Mackay received his first plastic skateboard when he was 5-years old. "I got my board second hand and painted it blue with gold pinstripes. I thought it was the baddest thing ever." Nearly 30 years later, he realized it was time to bring that little plastic board back for good.

With 12 years experience in skateboard manufacturing, Mackay and the rest of the Penny crew has a strong appreciation for what it takes to make great quality skateboards. "I've channeled everything I've learned in manufacturing and design to come up with a high performance, long lasting, and mega fun plastic skateboard," says Mackay. From looking at any skateboard you can see whether its fundamentals are balanced. You can see it as each component comes together to make the final product and you can feel it under your feet and in your hands. And it's what sets Penny Skateboards above the rest.

Each Penny Skateboard is built with the highest quality raw materials and fanatical attention to detail. Penny Skateboards are designed and built to look good, perform well, and exceed all your expectations. Penny Skateboards - since forever.

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New Brand Spotlight: Raskullz

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Forcing your kids to wear their safety helmets can now be a thing of the past thanks to these totally cool Raskullz helmets! Combining the latest in helmet safety technology, these fun helmets will make your little adventure-seeker the coolest kid in the park.

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New Brand Spotlight: Destroyer

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Destroyer produces some of the most technologically advanced kneepads and protective equipment on the market. With innovative air-flow foam, perforated neoprene straps, and heavy-duty nylon caps, pads from the Destroyer professional series has upped the ante, allowing amateurs and pros alike to sharpen their skills with lessened worry of injury.

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Back to School Shopping Guide: Team Sporting Goods

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Clockwise: Spalding King of the Beach Neverflat® Volleyball, Wilson GST™ NCAA® Game Ball, PUMA Powercat 5.10 Trainer HS soccer ball, Wilson RH Throw Baseball Glove, Spalding NBA™ Tack-Soft ™ Basketball, Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards

In case you haven’t heard, Zappos carries way more than shoes. But did you know we also carry sporting goods? Yup! Now you can get your budding athlete their sports gear along with their back-to-school clothes and shoes, all in one convenient place!

Imagine all the free time you’ll end up with for practices and cheering them on at their games!