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US Weekly 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers Party

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To cap off my whirlwind of fashion in NYC, I was lucky enough to attend the US Weekly party honoring the 25 most stylish New Yorkers!  It was my first time walking a red carpet (yep, I was nervous!), but I made it through without tripping!

Among those named the 25 most stylish New Yorkers were: designer Nate Berkus, rapper Pharrell Williams, SNL cast member Abby Elliot, and Rockport's style ambassador and celeb stylist Annabel Tollman!

I also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with the amazing Sasha Charnin Morrison , fashion director for US Weekly. And I may or may not have chatted with a cute cast member of one of my favorite guilty pleasure reality TV shows!  I will let the pictures do the talking for that! ;)