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Motivational Monday: Physical Roadblocks in Training

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Happy Monday runners! This week is “Injury Prevention Week”, and I’d like to share a few tips with you to make sure you get back right on track after a setback during your marathon training.

Signs of an injury


Loss of function


How to treat them

Don’t stretch an injured muscle

Ice –Do not ice for over 15 minutes




How to get back into running

after sickness:

-Start with low-level exercise, around 30 minutes, to avoid the illness from returning.

-If you are still feeling ill, don’t run more than every other day to avoid a decrease in resistance

of your immune system

After injury less than 14 days

-You can get back to where you left off in the same amount of days you took off

-Be sure to start off running every other day to get back into the swing of things

-Increase the length of your runs in a quicker period of time by slowing down your pace

-Always consult your doctor or therapist and follow their recommended workout plans

Longer than 14 days

-The longer you take off the harder it is to come back

-Take off 20% per week if you have done no exercise

-Jumping too quickly into where you left off will potentially cause injury; be patient and your

muscle memory will have you back to your running routine in no time!

-Always consult your doctor or therapist and follow their recommended workout plans!

Just because you didn’t run today doesn’t mean the entire week is blown. Tomorrow is always a new day!  Happy running!