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Inov-8 with Ropetec

Today’s new crop of athletes and fitness enthusiasts demand more from their workout shoes more than ever before. That’s why Inov-8 launched their new Ropetec F-Lite 240 for men & F-Lite 215 for women styles to their line of functional fitness footwear this fall. They saw the need for added durability when rope climbing—a fitness activity gaining a surge of popularity thanks to Crossfit™ and bootcamp-style classes.

Working with athletes to design the F-Lite Ropetec series, Inov-8 sought out to help solve a common problem—wearing and burning of the midsole when descending and ascending the rope.  Along with great protection, these shoes also offer greater traction and durability via the rubberized caps over the exposed EVA midsole.

Check out the Inov-8 F-Lite series to take your fitness to a whole new level!

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Inov-8 F-Lite™ 240

Inov-8 F-Lite™ 215

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New Brand: Zumba Fitness

Are you a total Zumba fanatic, but often find yourself in haste for something to wear? Yes? Well say hello to Zumba Fitness™! A collection of vibrant and comfortable footwear, Zumba Fitness makes dance-goers want to get up and move!

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As a global lifestyle brand, Zumba Fitness fuses fitness, entertainment, and culture into an exhilarating dance party workout! Founded in 2001, the company is the largest branded fitness program in the world—reporting more than 15 million weekly participants in over 200,000 locations across more than 180 countries.

Known as the ultimate “fitness party,” Zumba® classes blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography for an effective total-body workout. You may have heard your friends raging about it, and you’ve probably witnessed countless success stories from it! After all, who doesn’t like having fun while working out? In fact, it’s so fabulous it doesn’t even feel like working out. It feels like a celebration!


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Workout Picks for Those New Year's Resolutions

After a long season of merriment, festivities, and maybe a little overindulgence, the start of a new year means a new slate for a lot of us. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions involve getting back to the gym and working off those extra holiday calories.

Now’s a great time to renew your commitment to your health! And what better way to get a little motivation than with some new workout clothes and gear to kick start your resolution?

Below are some of our picks for great workout essentials that will help you stay on track:

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Women's: 1. CamelBak Quick Grip 21 oz Podium Chill Bottle, 2. Nike Lunar Hyperworkout XT+, 3. Shock Absorber Ultimate Dry Advantage Sports Bra, 4. Lucy Convertible Power Legging, 5. Nathan Sonic Boom (for the Apple® iPod nano® Generation 5), 6. Puma Half Zip Pullover

Men's: 7. Ogio Endurance Gym Bag, 8. K-Swiss Tubes® Run 100, 9. Nike + Sportband, 10. Under Armour Flex Shorts, 11. Beats by Dre Studio Over-ear Headphones ,12. Under Armour Tech Long-sleeve Tee

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Go Run, Go Walk, Go Healthy with Skechers

Living a healthy lifestyle is just that…a lifestyle. There’s no reason why your healthy routine should end with the summertime. With the kids heading back to school and your schedule getting more hectic, it’s more important than ever to claim your “me time”.

Go for a relaxing jog, a brisk walk or head back to the gym to try that new cardio class. Grab a pair of new Skechers and go!

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1. Skechers Go Train, 2. Skechers Tone Ups Run, 3. Skechers Go Run Ride Ultra, 4. Skechers Liv-Smart, 5. Skechers Go Run, 6. Skechers Go Walk

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Featuring bioSTABILITY™ technology, PUMAgility is NOT your average stability trainer. It blends comfort and stability to provide a stable platform for running and gym workouts. New Year’s resolutions anyone?

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It's Fashion Fitness Fun Month with Zappos & Kinect for Xbox 360

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Check out our activewear stylists' picks! Look 1 | Look 2| Look 3| Look 4| Look 5| Look 6

Getting fit and staying fit is much easier when you’re having fun, don’t you agree? That’s why Zappos has partnered with Kinect for Xbox360® for the Win an Xbox Sweepstakes!

Of course, to make those Kinect™ for Xbox 360® fitness games even better, our stylists and I put together our favorite workout outfits from some of our favorite athletic brands. Check them out!

With cool workout gear and the Kinect™ for Xbox 360, you’ll be working up a sweat and having fun at the same time!

Enter to win the sweepstakes HERE! Also, every order you place in October will also give you another entry to win. Good luck!