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Bundle Up in the Best Cold-Weather Jackets

Keeping the winter chill out is nothing to take lightly. But heavy, boring jackets and coats shouldn’t be an option when you’ve got a busy day braving the elements. Investing in a great quality jacket or coat is worth every penny because staying warm and protected never goes out of style.

We’ve picked out some of our favorites from our Zappos Outdoor Shop to get you ready to face old man winter in the best gear around:

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Women's: 1. Prana Devan Jacket, 2. Marmot Arona Jacket, 3. Patagonia Down With It Parka

Men's: 4. Marmot Conness Jacket, 5. Prana Rhody Reversible Jacket, 6. The North Face Gatebreak Down Jacket

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Fresh Picks: Stylish, Comfy Jackets

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Bundling up for the cold doesn’t have to mean boring, shapeless outerwear! We’ve picked out some of our favorites to keep you warm AND stylish all season long.

1. Patagonia Women’s Pelage Jacket: This is so soft and luxurious, you’ll swear it’s real fur.

2. Prana Tori Jacket: Infinitely more flattering than your average sweater, but equally as comfortable!

3. Prana Kari Jacket: Perfect alone or as a layering piece, this hoodie is a great update to your weekend ensemble.

4. Columbia Mighty Lite™ II Jacket: The stunning jewel color lends such a stylish vibe to your weekend outfits.

5. The North Face Avery Fleece Jacket: The belted waist gives you a more defined waist, while the soft fleece keeps you comfy and warm.

6. NAU Urbane Jacket: We love the modern, asymmetrical button placket of this chic everyday jacket.

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New Brand Spotlight: NAU

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NAU (pronounced “now”) is a sustainable outdoor apparel brand based out of Portland, Oregon. Their cool urban designs stand the test of time, while their use of sustainable, eco-friendly materials makes them a great choice for responsible nature lovers everywhere.

Check out their collection of wearable and stylish men’s and women’s outerwear this season!