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Dress Your Boss Winner: "Pretty in Pink"

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We recently ran a “Dress Your Boss” Contest here at Zappos HQ to continue the celebration of the Zappos VIP Dress Me app.

The winning ensemble was creatively put together by David B. of our User Experience team. David did a ravishing “Pretty in Pink” outfit on his boss Donny. Excellent job David, and lookin’ good Donny!

If you want to have a little office fun, try dressing your own boss or coworkers today using the Dress Me app. They’ll thank you for it, trust us.

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Adventures in Daily Dressing

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I've been "dressing" myself every day using the Zappos VIP Dress Me app, to keep a daily catalog of what I look like every day. My heart does a little fist pump whenever I see a notification that someone "likes" what I'm wearing.  Of course it's not 100% accurate since I don't buy ALL my clothes on Zappos VIP (sorry Tony!) but it's pretty close.

This practice has made me more conscious of my daily attire. For example, last Monday, as I stood at my desk (we have standing desks at Zappos) and looked down at my outfit, ready to translate it into pixels using the Dress Me app, I was startled to find that I had dressed myself that morning to look like a cross between a Star Trek character and the Michelin Man. I almost wanted to lie and add a chic scarf to my horrendous outfit (instead of the wooly mammoth looking one I had on) but I stayed true - down to the puffy white vest. Cold weather does weird things to one's fashion sense!

In addition to a love for dressing like television characters, I've learned a few other things by "dressing myself" every day on the Dress Me app:

1. I wear a lot of scarves (this is nothing new actually, I don't remember the last time I exposed my collarbone)

2. Though I have a vast selection of shoes and boots (hey I work at Zappos okay), I seem to wear the same two pairs each day.

3. A good way to describe my cold weather style is "drapey".

This self-study was both narcissistic and humbling. Try it for yourself today with the Zappos VIP Dress Me app!

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Adventures in Dressing: Mother-Daughter Bonding, 21st Century Style

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There are a few different kinds of moms -- the baking kind (Martha Stewart), the singing kind (Maria von Trapp), and the shopping kind (Kris Kardashian).  I have the shopping kind. These mother-daughter relationships tend to be vain (albeit a lot of fun). Spa days, shopping trips, at-home fashion shows, hours spent going through Grandma's old jewelry...but what happens if the mother/daughter pair don't live in the same city anymore? What does one do without the joys of mother-daughter vanity? 

Have no fear, the VIP Dress Me App is here! From the comforts of their own computers, mothers can dress daughters to their hearts' delight in frilly, furry, frothy costumes, and if one so pleases, daughters can even purchase the selections on the website and wear them to the next family get-together for that euphoric feeling daughters get when they make their moms happy.

And daughters can dress their moms too! My sassy mother is quite fun to "dress" , so to introduce her to the new Dress Me app, I created an outfit for her that she can wear during the blustery Canadian winters she endures.

Daughters, dress your mom, and moms dress your daughters on the Zappos VIP Dress Me app today!

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Zappos VIP Dress Me App

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The fun and interactive Dress Me app for Zappos VIP is now available via Facebook. What is the Dress Me app you ask? Well, it’s a way for Zappos VIP customers to “try on” their favorite clothing, shoes and accessories and get their friends involved in creating unique outfits for different occasions! 

This “social dressing” aspect of the Dress Me Facebook app allows you to create a personalized virtual model using your own photo. You can then dress it from head to toe in whatever styles you want and share your new outfit creations with your Facebook friends.

You and your friends can dress each other as well! The Dress Me app also includes an interactive game for your friends so you can challenge them to pick the best outfit. Invite them to create ensembles for an upcoming special occasion, or vice versa.

Last but certainly not least, by clicking through from the Dress Me application to the Zappos VIP website, users will get a FREE upgrade to VIP status, which offers such perks as free next day shipping, expedited returns, and 24-hour advanced access to new styles.

We hope you enjoy playing and creating tons of different outfits with the Dress Me app!


*First and foremost, make sure you are logged into Facebook before you play around with the Dress Me App.

1. I can't access my photos. What's going on?

Your Facebook Privacy settings may need to be adjusted. To allow applications to pull in your photos, go to 

Privacy Settings > Apps, Games and Websites > "How people bring info to apps they use" > Edit Settings > "my Photos" needs to be checked

2. I am trying to dress a friend, but can't access their photos. What's going on?

Your friends' Facebook privacy settings may need to be adjusted. Give them a call, and ask them to make the following adjustment:

Privacy Settings > Apps, Games and Websites > "How people bring info to apps they use" > Edit Settings > "my Photos" needs to be checked

3. How do I add products to the canvas?

Simply click on a product image, and it should add it to the canvas. Or, more fun -- click and drag the product from the search area to the body.

4.  How do I resize the product images?

There's a little rectangle on the bottom right corner of the product images. Click and drag this in and out to resize smaller/larger.

5. I want to shop! How do I buy the stuff I'm seeing on Dress Me?

Click through from any product in the Boutique tab, or click on any "View on Zappos VIP" button. Surprise! You will get a FREE Zappos VIP upgrade so you can make your purchase and get FREE NEXT BUSINESS DAY shipping (in addition to other cool perks!).