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New Brand Spotlight: The New Black

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Perfect for anyone who loves fashion and staying on the pulse of the hottest nail polish trends, The New Black offers great miniature nail color sets to achieve the most of-the-moment trends in nails.

More colors to come from their Spring 2013 collection! Stay tuned!







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New Brand Spotlight: LAYLA

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LAYLA Cosmetics is based in Milan, Italy and is one of the first companies to introduce quite possibly the hottest trend in nail art today: magnetic nail polish.

Their amazing Magneffect Nail Polish creates one-of-a-kind nails with just a twirl of the special magnetic brush cap. The secret is the metallic iron particles blended into the nail lacquer. When exposed to the magnet on the cap, the results are the most organic-looking swirls and lines that make the nail polish look almost marbleized and three-dimensional!

We’re already having so much fun letting our creative sides out with this fun and unique nail polish. Experience it for yourself!