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Skullcandy Visits the Zappos Video Department!

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Zappos VCC Andrew with Nick Stagge, Global Training Manager for Skullcandy

Z: What was the most fun part about working with Nick?

A: There were a lot of cool things about working with Nick. Mainly it didn’t even feel like I was working with someone I just met. Nick reminded me of a bunch of my friends, so it just felt like we were just kicking it with one of my homies!

Z:  What was your favorite feature he highlighted?Skull Candy

A: We learned a lot from him just going over some of the technology.  Mic 1 and Mic 3 tech was cool.  Skullcandy has the new Fix’d headphones coming out and to see him demonstrate how good they stay in the ear was cool. He hung some pretty heavy boxes from his ears. Pretty tight.

Z:  What was the most interesting tip he gave you about presentation?

A: The sense of just being yourself while explaining the headphones.  You start to learn from just seeing the product in your hands after he's explained what the thought process was going into making the certain model headphones.

Z:  Where did you take Nick while he was here?

A. He decided to leave a lasting impression on us by kicking a hole in to the wall. He did make a pretty sweet “Z” shot though. After work we ended up shooting around on the basketball court for a bit while we waited on traffic to die down. After ballin, we headed downtown [Louisville] to eat at Doc Crows. The food was great and the converstations were even better. While everyone got beer and or sodas, I proceeded to get the manliest drink ever--the Shirley Temple.

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