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3 Scarves, 9 Ways to Wear

The scarf really is an amazing accessory. It adds warmth on cold days, style and coverage on sunny days, and can even keep a bad hair day under wraps!

Below we show you some wonderful ways to wear three popular styles of scarves for any weather. Enjoy!

The Sarong/Pareo Scarf

The Large Square Scarf

The Long/Oblong Scarf


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Knit A Stunning Story Wrapped in a Posh Scarf!

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1.McQ Safety Pin scarf, 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Balloon Miss Marc Sweater Scarf, 3. Alexander McQueen Skull Jacquard Scarf, 4. Juicy Couture Flights of Fancy Silk Square Scarf, 5. Eugienia Kim Foxy scarf, 6. Kate Spade Surprise Ball Infinity Scarf, 7. Vivienne Westwood Tartan scarf

The winds of change are here.  Why not start a new chapter and knit a colorful story wrapped in the heavenly hues and fine fabrics of one of these captivating couture scarves

Mother Nature paints the colors of the landscape each season with a new palette, so add a beautiful brushstroke to your canvas and start on a memorable masterpiece accented with the amazing artistry of one of these coveted scarves!