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Friday Fix: DIY Halloween

Sometimes, the best Halloween getups are the ones that are put together using stuff you have in your closet. Not only does it conjure up more creativity on your part, it also allows your wardrobe to flex its multitasking muscles!

Check out how we’ve taken a few awesome pieces and put them together to create Halloween-worthy looks with just the addition of some creative props and makeup to make them your own:

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Freddie Krueger:

Kangol Lite Felt Player Fedora in Tobacco

Michael Stars Rugby Stripe Sleeveless Crew Neck

!iT Denim Ultra Skinny Ponte

Shellys London Simonas Boot

Punk Rocker:

Obey Knuckle Spikes Ring

Circus by Sam Edelman Cassie Creepers

Obey Sweet Revenge Faux Leather Jacket

Blank NYC Pussy Cat Black Vegan Leather Legging

'70s Rock Star:

MINKPINK Farshion Coat

Free People Century Denim Stripe Bali Flare Jean

Le Specs Rudeboy Sunglasses

Shellys London Potak Velvet Platforms

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How to Scare Your Friends for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Here at Zappos, we sort of have a long-standing tradition of trying to "outscare" and "outprank" each other. So we thought, what better time than Halloween to show you how to properly scare the daylights out of your friends for fun!

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How to Inspect Halloween Candy

Make it a safe Halloween for your kids by inspecting their trick-or-treating haul first! Darren shows you how:

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Zappos Halloween Festivities

Here are just a few snapshots from all the Halloween fun we had yesterday! It was great to see all the funny and inventive costumes! We finished off the day with the Downtown Las Vegas Halloween Parade where the Halloween float won first place.

We hope you all had a great Halloween as well (with lots of candy, of course!).

Halloween,Zappos Halloween,Zappos downtown,Zappos halloween costume contest,Zappos Halloween float,

Halloween,Zappos Halloween,Zappos downtown,Zappos halloween costume contest,Zappos Halloween float,

Halloween costume contest at Zappos HQ.

Halloween,Zappos Halloween,Zappos downtown,Zappos halloween costume contest,Zappos Halloween float,

Top: The Zappos Halloween 2011 float won first place!

Bottom: (Left)  Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, (Right) The Zappos Halloween parade led by Maritza and Shannon

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Happy Halloween!

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The Zappos Family would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween!

Tell us what your costumes you and your family are wearing today on the comments section below!

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Halloween Fun for Your Little Trick or Treaters!

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1. San Diego Hat Company Kids' Pirate Cap, 2. Western Chief Kids Superman™ Raincoat, 3. Western Chief Kids Batman™ Raincoat, 4. Jeffries Socks Candy Cane Stripe Tights, 5. Jeffries Socks Seamless Organic Cotton Tights in Orange, 6. Sarah's Prints Kids Halloween Pajamas, 7. San Diego Hat Company Kids' Spider Beanie, 8.San Diego Hat Company Kids'Devil Horns Beanie, 9. San Diego Hat Company Kids'Pumpkin Beanie

One of our favorite things about fall ,besides pumpkin pie, is Halloween. What’s not to love? You get to dress up as whatever your heart desires! The sillier, the better. What’s even more fun is dressing up our little ones in cute Halloween outfits!

Check out some of our favorite Halloween accessories for your little trick or treaters. Don’t forget the candy bucket!

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Halloween at Zappos!

We celebrated Halloween a little early this year at Zappos. The day was full of festivities including a haunted house and a costume contest!


No Sew Halloween Costumes

Looking for some no sew ideas that will take hardly any time and are budget-friendly too?  Here are a few Halloween costume ideas that will take little more than a few costume props, pins, cardboard, etc. that look very creative for Halloween this year:

Bunch of Grapes

Wear purple and green sweats or tights, etc.  Blow up purple and green balloons and attach all over your body with safety pins.  Wear matching makeup on hands and face to blend in.

Bubble Bath

Take a white laundry basket and cut out the bottom.  (Try to find one that does not have holes in it, otherwise tape a white cardboard piece to the inside of the laundry basket so as to show no holes.)  Attach two strips of material to each side of the laundry basket, connecting front and back for shoulder straps.  Blow up white, lavender, pink, and pearl colored balloons and safety pin them to the basket for your bubbles.  Wear all white underneath, and add a shower cap, slippers, and a washcloth or poof brush for added effect.


Wrap white bandage gauze all around your kid, and add some moldy green paint splotches on to various areas of the gauze for the effect. Wrap tightly for a stiff gait!


Take a large cardboard box and attach long flat boxes to the front and back and hot glue small balls on the front for pulls. Cut out holes for arms on the sides and hole on top for head.  Use a hot glue gun to attach foam to the inside of the box where your shoulders will rest to hold it up.  Paint the dresser and write on each drawer: sweaters, socks, underwear, shirts, etc. Use your hot glue gun to place dresser accessories on top, a hairbrush, baubles, hair clips, etc.  Complete the costume by hanging (again use the hot glue gun and use old stuff) socks, shirt, and sweaters out of the drawers.  Place a small lampshade on your head so your neck and face appear as the base of a lamp.

Static Cling

Wear all white or all black. Using safety pins and pin anything to yourself, i.e. socks, underwear, bounce sheets, T-shirt, etc.  Make sure to spray your hair straight up in the air too.

Window Box

Take a plastic window box and cut out the bottom.  Place rope suspenders on each side of the window box to wear over your shoulders.  Use plastic flowers placed in Styrofoam and Spanish moss attached to the inside (with a glue gun) of the window box for the flowers.  Make a flower head piece.  Cut out large petals from bright construction paper, and attach the pieces to a headband.