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An Exclusive Interview with Ali Fatourechi of Genetic Denim

Ali Fatourechi certainly knows jeans. We caught up with the Genetic Denim founder and creative director and got the scoop on what inspires him as well what it means to have his own denim brand.

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New Brand Spotlight: Genetic Denim

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Launched in 2006, Los Angeles-based Genetic Denim is centered on enduring elements of personal style: fit, fabrication and individuality. Creative Director Ali Fatourechi approaches denim with the mindset that our points of differentiation should be acknowledged and celebrated, resulting in a collection that caters to a range of women's denim needs.

For both the modern and classic denim aficionado, the brand incorporates reverence for its original denim predecessors in purpose, while offering sleek new alternatives marked by evolved cut and construction.