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New Brand Spotlight: Miha

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Modern. Effortless. Timeless. Miha is fresh, new contemporary fashion label born in the spring of 2011. With an emphasis on luxurious novelty knits and a high-end aesthetic, Miha’s designs are a fabulous, wearable mixture of offbeat and classic.

We recently spoke to owner and creative director Aimee Kellner to delve more into the world of Miha:

The Miha Spring 2012 collection is so vibrant and fresh! What or who were the biggest inspirations in the concept of this collection?

A: California's golden age, particularly the 1960s through 1970s, was a big inspiration for Spring 2012. Photographer Slim Aarons is famous for capturing the idyllic scenes of Palm Springs society poolside and we wanted to capture that feeling with this collection. I think the warm salmon hues and the sky blues set this mood while our prints and sequin pieces give it a modern edge.

How would you describe the “Miha girl”?

A: The Miha woman is multifaceted. She is intelligent and driven, but also flirty and fun. She is internationally savvy and self assured. Whether she is an artist, stylish corporate professional or stay-at-home mom, there is something on the line for her because it's an attitude, it's not about age, where you live or what you do. 

What are your top three favorite trends currently for spring and summer?

A: I love the return to feminine silhouettes and the intricate laces and the mix of vibrant prints and pastels after fall’s more muted color palette. Miha Spring 2012 is distinctly feminine with both long and short ethereal silhouettes. Part of the collection consists of specially developed lace made in our embroidery factory so it is one of a kind. The lace dresses were handcrafted piece by piece and are really lovely and feminine but you can also see the handcrafted couture details. I also LOVE the desert firefly print with the bright yellow and pink hues it's a show-stopping print!

How do you bridge the gap between staying on-trend and current with designing clothes that are versatile and timeless?

A: That's a great question. While following trends is essential, copying them literally is for fast fashion retailers like H&M. Once the trend is over, so is the piece. While Miha is trend-driven it is not "trendy". I look at a trend and see how it relates to Miha but at its core, the brand will always have its own voice and therefore will be timeless.