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Hush Puppies for the Whole Family!

Whether it’s for work, school or quality time on the weekends, comfortable shoes are a family affair with Hush Puppies!

Perfect for all-day wear (we're talking to you, busy parents!), their shoes feature breathable linings, super-comfy insoles and durable soles.

For the kiddos, their ingenious new Dual-Fit System® lets you turn a medium width into a wide by simply removing a special insert inside the footbed! Great for growing feet!

Check out a few of our Hush Puppies favorites for fall:

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Women's: 1. Hush Puppies Filly, 2. Hush Puppies Burlesque, 3. Hush Puppies Madison Chelsea

Men's: 4. Hush Puppies Quatro Slip On, 5. Hush Puppies 1958-Brogue Lug, 6. Hush Puppies Venture

Kids': 7. Hush Puppies Kids Macalaster (Youth), 8. Hush Puppies Kids Oberlin (Toddler), 9. Hush Puppies Kids Salem (Youth)

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Uniform-Friendly Shoes

As the new school year approaches, kids who wear uniforms to school are heading back to their same ol’ dress code routines. Since uniforms don’t give much room for variety, why not give your little student some great footwear options to go with their everyday school attire?

Check out a few of our uniform-friendly shoe picks below. For even more back-to-school essentials, check out our Back-to-School page!

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1. Stride Rite Kyla, 2. Hush Puppies Kids Pep Rally, 3. Jumping Jacks Kids Terrific, 4. Jumping Jacks Kids Vance II, 5. School Issue Varsity, 6. Hush Puppies Kids Lincoln

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Dapper & Dressed Up: Special Occasion Essentials for Boys

Boys will be boys. They seem to be happiest when they’re running around and getting dirty. But sometimes, the occasion calls for them to clean up and trade in their favorite tees, shorts and sneakers for something a little more dapper.

Whether it’s a wedding, a fancy party or some other dressed-up ceremony, we’ve gathered some of our favorite clothes and shoes that will turn your favorite guy into quite the little gentleman—or at least look like one!

P.S. Don't worry; our free shipping both ways means you can try these pieces on without having to brave the store!

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1. Ike Behar Kids Checked Sport Shirt, 2. Ike Behar Kids Dress Jacket, 3. Ike Behar Kids Dress Pant, 4. Ike Behar Kids Striped Sport Shirt, 5. Calvin Klein Kids Hair Line Suit, 6. Calvin Klein Kids Simple Stitch Stripe Shirt, 7. Calvin Klein Kids Suit Jacket, 8. Kenneth Cole Reaction Kids Loaf-er, 9. Hush Puppies Kids Roster