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New Brand Spotlight: Hot Chillys

hot chillys,baselayers,baselayer,base layer,hot chillys base layer,hot chillys long underwear,thermals,thermal underwear,cold-weather underwear,Contrary to popular belief, Hot Chillys® is not a restaurant, a 1-800 hotline, or a rock band. They are the one of the top base layers in winter sport. Basically, they make technically superior long underwear for anyone who likes to have a good time.

Appropriately called "The Original", their original base layer was a stretch product made from a blend of wool and polypropylene, and packaged in a bright yellow can. Now, 25 years later, the updated version of this same product, Micro Elite Chamois, is still an icon, and still comes packaged in a can!

Hot Chillys has been engineering the highest-quality base layers for adventurous men and women since 1986. Hot Chilly’s offers collections of light-to-heavyweight base layer for ultimate comfort and protection from the elements. Today, the Hot Chillys product line consists of a wide variety of base layers with one thing in common: to keep you warm, dry, comfortable and looking good so you can focus on whatever activity makes you happy.