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Naot and Zappos Give Back

One of the great advantages to working with Naot Footwear and their United States distributor, Yaleet Inc., is getting involved with their charitable donations. Every year they partner with their dealers like to give away free shoes. Yes, FREE shoes! Thousands and thousands of free shoes and sandals every year are given to those in need. 

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Many of these donations take place at homeless shelters across the country. This year (Zappos' 3rd consecutive year), we chose to partner with Shade Tree of Las Vegas, a shelter dedicated to helping women that in some cases are escaping domestic abuse or just need help getting a fresh start.  Oftentimes, these women are leaving their living situation with just the clothes are on their back and the shoes on their feet.  This simple gesture is kind of like giving a hug through a new pair of shoes and the folks at Yaleet Inc. see these donation events as some of the most important and meaningful things that a business can do because of the joy that it brings to those in need.

Check out one of our footwear buyers, Cameron, and Mark, a sales rep for Naot footwear as they load up the Zappos shuttle with this year's batch of donations to Shade Tree: