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Pink & Pepper Boots

There’s no denying that boots are the reigning footwear superstars of the cold-weather months, but we think the beloved boot stretches its versatility way beyond this season. Take these stylishly affordable boots by Pink & Pepper; their range of wearable styles and neutral colors make them not only of-the-moment but also practical for transitioning your wardrobe when spring approaches in a few months!

Check out some of our favorite “it” boots from Pink & Pepper:

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1. Pink & Pepper "Contra"

2. Pink & Pepper "Sara"

3. Pink & Pepper "Reggie"

4. Pink & Pepper "Saltie2"

5. Pink & Pepper "Klarissa"

6. Pink & Pepper "Razor"

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New Brand Spotlight: Pink & Pepper

Pink & Pepper™ is an edgy and trend-savvy brand of footwear for the girl who loves fashion.
The Pink & Pepper motto is WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU WANT TO BE!

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Check out their latest collection of fashion-forward boots at a price that won’t break the bank. Who says great style has to cost a lot? Not Pink & Pepper!