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Authentic Apparel Teams Up with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for U.S. Army

Inspired by over 230 years of honor and tradition, Authentic Apparel Group launched a premium line of army-style clothing officially licensed by the U.S. Army. Recently, the official licensee announced an exciting partnership with ten-time WWE champion and international film star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to celebrate the U.S. Army’s rich heritage with this authentic apparel collection.

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"Authentic Apparel Group is about legacy, performance and innovation. I am proud to represent a company that supports and honors the everyday heroes that inspire me," explains Dwayne Johnson.

The U.S. Army Apparel collection isn’t just about mere reproductions; it’s about designing and crafting durable clothing using the same “form-follows-function” principles that have guided the design of U.S. Army-issued apparel through its rich history. Upholding over 230 years of integrity, heritage and quality, Authentic Apparel pays meticulous attention to all the little details that serve not only the aesthetic of the garment but also its utility and durability.

In the video below, Authentic Apparel design team David Cockrell and Pablo Porfirio talk about how the U.S. Army collection upholds this legendary attention to quality thats second to none:

Select styles from the U.S. Army men’s collection are available exclusively on


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New Brand Spotlight: U.S. Army

U.S. Army, U.S. Army Clothing, New Brand Spotlight, U.S. Army men's clothing, Authentic Apparel,men's jackets, men's pants, men's shirtsm men's sweaters, men's clothing, Authentic Apparel is honored and privileged to have been licensed by the United States Army to create a menswear line that proudly carries the U.S. Army name. Utilizing historical archives spanning over 200 years, their team of designers has created a collection of jackets, pants, sweaters and tees that honors the men and women who serve the United States around the world.

Authentic Apparel is dedicated to celebrating the Army’s legacy by reinterpreting military style for today’s demanding consumers. Components, accessories and materials are constructed under rigorous standards that have been reviewed and approved by the United States Army.

Combining functional clothing features with the iconic imagery and graphics of the U.S Army, Authentic apparel brings to life the Army’s classic heritage pieces such as the M65 field jacket, Eisenhower jacket, cargo pants, and khakis.

Authentic Apparel donates a portion of the sales of its U.S. Army brand directly to the U.S. Army’s Morale, Welfare & Recreations program. Known as the “give back campaign,” this program enhance the lives of current soldiers, veterans, and their families”.