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Southern Accents ARE Funny!

Melissa likes to make fun of Pat’s accent. Can you blame her? It is a little “twangy”. But after this incident I’m sure she’ll stop making fun of him for a little while.

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memorable moments of 2009

What was you most memorable moment of 2009? Please comment below and let us know!

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Happy New Year!

You know that one New Year’s song that plays every New Year but no one knows the words to it? Yeah, Auld Lang Syne…that’s it! Well, here’s the Zappos family attempt to get this song right.

I think we did a pretty good job.

CLT Cow Awards

Our Customer Loyalty Team not only works hard to take care of our customers, but also takes pride in the fact that they are a true and noble team that is willing to do whatever they can for their fellow Zapponians. They actually have a team, called the WOW team, that does different events and recognition for the CLT members.

One of the things they use for recognition is the COW award (Cultivator Of wow). This award allows members of the CLT team to nominates others for the the great things that they do for others. The winners of the monthly award get a certificate and lunch.

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Farewell Dr. Vik!

Dr. Vik has been a big part of ever since it was just a small idea and now the time has come for him to part ways and move on to a few independent projects of his own. He not only believed in Zappos from day one, but he helped us all believe in ourselves. Dr. Vik moved from Zappos’ home town San Francisco to Las Vegas because he believed in Zappos’ vision which is to make the world a better place by treating employees and customers like they matter by Delivering Happiness.

Dr. Vik has been delivering happiness and hope to all Zapponians throughout the years through his coaching and his ““spin it to win it”“:p-3170 program. He is well known for his office complete with thrown and full of Polaroids of visitors and Zappos employees. In the world of Dr. Vik, everyone is royalty, and he treats them as such (he even lets you wear a fancy crown). He has done so much to create the culture that we have today and it will definitely be strange around here without him.

So good luck Dr. Vik with your endeavors in helping others the way you’ve helped us.

Can You Duet?

This is the craziest week for all of us at Zappos, and the Fulfillment Center is no exception. We’ve been breaking records and everyone is working really hard. To say thank you and to help everyone relax a little bit, we brought in some live musicians this week during lunch. We had the pleasure of listening to Andrew Scott Newton and Josh & Holly from CMT’s “Can you Duet?”

A great time was had by all!

Happy Holidays CLT!!!

Throughout the year our Customer Loyalty Team is at the forefront of our customer service efforts and are interacting with our customers on a daily basis. During the Holiday season, the call volume goes up dramatically, and the CLT works extremely hard to make sure all of our customers are taken care of.

To show appreciation for all their hard work, our merchandising team and vendors put together some fun gifts for all the CLT members.

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Z World, Z World!

Z World, Z World. Where are you from? Excellent!

Ray and the rest of his group from the Zappos Culure class they attended had an awesome idea to bring all of us together!