Katrina's WOW poem!

Our very own Katrina J., British CLT-Bringer of WOW, created this fine work below to represent our culture in poetry.

Here at Zappos, we have a special way,
It’s called the the 10 core values and it helps us every day.

One of course, is the “Service WOW”
If you are really good at it, we award you a C.O.W (cultivator of wow

Number two, You’re in the drivers seat
Embracing change, we think is pretty neat!

Do you fit in with number three? please read on and you will see.

If you want to shave your head and have a race to grow a beard,
Then you’re creating a little fun and are hopefully a bit weird!

Be adventurous, creative and open minded as well, is number four, if
you can’t tell?

Now we are at the middle and it’s about keeping our brains fed,
Pursuing growth and learning, will help us stay ahead.

As for number six, we won’t keep you out of touch,
It’s open and honest communication, that will help us build our trust.

Team and family spirit is the next one to keep in mind.
With picnic’s and parties, where we all have a good time.

Doing more with less got us where we are today,
so, number eight is really great, making your idea’s our Way!

It’s number nine, I hear you determined to shout!!
And of course it’s the Passion, which is what we’re all about.

So now we reached the last one, what could we have left out??
Ten wonderful core values that makes Zappos what we are all about.

We like to remember where we came from and how far we have to go,
So being humble, is the last core, to keep in mind,
As we spread a little happiness to all of mankind…..

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Monkey Row!

If you’ve had a chance to take take a peek at our Core Values, toured our Offices or Warehouse , or seen any of our Videos , you already know Zappos is unlike any other company. We filmed this video to show to our New Hire groups when Tony, Fred and Alfred are out of the office. Although I wish it was used more, I’m happy to say that Alfred, Tony and Fred have yet to miss an opportunity to talk to a new hire class since the video was made more than 6 months ago!

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Be a Fan!

These three Zapponians are known for their Flow.

They want to break it off so we’re gonna let it go.

It’s true they love to wow in a major way.

That’s why they keep the job that the work in the day.

Adrian M. – Funky Cold
Rian C. – Rhino
Graham K – G – Money


We show our appreciation for coworkers a little differently around here. Welcome to Neal-a-Palooza.

How Long Can You Wear Your Chuck Taylors?

Heather bet Ebonique a dollar a day that she wouldn’t wear her purple Chucks for a month. Ebonique took her up on that bet, and in the spirit of Core Value #3, she one uped the bet and wore uber hip 80’s outfits along with her purple Chuck Taylors the entire month of August. Well, every day except the 31st that is! How long can you wear your Chuck Taylors?

What's your Favorite: Board Game

In the age of Lightning fast internet and HD television, it’s easy to forget the ultimate family and friend uniter – The board game ! There are too many to name, but please feel free to try!

What’s your favorite board game?

Zappos Business Units Take the Next Step!

We are happy to announce that our Customer Loyalty lead Jean D. has implemented the Internet Vendor Mentor program. This new program allows our vendors the opportunity to listen in on phone calls from our customers regarding questions about their respective categories. For example, if one of our rideshop vendors wants to hear questions that our customers are asking about skate shoes, they can sit in with representatives of our rideshop business unit. We currently have 5 business units: Kids, Outdoor, Running, Comfort and Rideshop.

Great job, Jean!

Team Kaizen and Zappos CLT Training

Zappos Customer Loyalty Team takes great pride in their commitment to proving the best customer service possible. One of the ways they do this is their continuous training of CLT employees. Team Kaizen’s job is to help everyone in CLT with the training available to them. All this training allows team members the ability to gain further knowledge and growth potential within Zappos.

This week, Team Kaizen held a “Snack and Chat” to go over some of the new training programs available for the CLT members.