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Why Does Zappos Advertise in Airport Security Bins?

Hey everyone – We often get questions about our decision to advertise in the security bins at airports.  I wanted to give you a little more info on the program. By sponsoring the security bins, we absorb the cost that TSA would normally have to spend buying tables, bins, maintenance, etc. (not their primary function or responsibility). Since the airports that have the sponsored security bins don’t have to put the money/time/energy into those efforts anymore, TSA can spend the money hiring/training more agents. And, due to the better training and additional resources, airports that have sponsors for their security bins have seen an average of a 16% improvement in wait time in getting through the lines.  I’m not sure how much you travel, but that seems like a pretty good deal to me!  

There are a number of advertising opportunities at airports (billboards, bin trays, free wifi, etc.) of which we've participated in. There could conceivably be a day when TSA is no longer required at airports, and we'd still be advertising in airports (including bins). Right now, we have no control over the government requiring TSA to be at all airports. For this effort, we contract with a media placement company (Security Point Media) who then contracts with the actual airports (not TSA). Thank you for your continued interest.



Aaron Magness
Sr. Director – Brand Marketing & Business Development
Zappos Development, Inc.






Love affairs these days seem so short, don’t they? You are hot one moment — primping, posing and sashaying in magazine layouts for a brand — and then you’re out. It would seem that the advertising tryst between Miu Miu and Kirsten Dunst is over, finished. Vanessa Paradis, famous French actress, established French musician and mother of Johnny Depp’s children is the brand’s new ‘It’ face, according to Women’s Wear Daily’s May 14 edition.

No word yet on who got to keep the clothes from the Dunst brand divorce. Just kidding. But perhaps the Devil really does wear Prada (Miu Miu’s owner, in case you did not know.)


Most of the public might find them obnoxious, but we at Couture love those Marc Jacobs ads featuring the diminutive Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham. We’re not sure if its the blank canvas approach to the shots, her standing doll like with a vacant stare, the ridiculousness of the big plastic bag, the stepping out of a box, or the haloed angel decked out in black, but they always manage to captivate me. After all, here is a woman that is always tanned just so, never loses that dour expression, dresses sometimes to the extreme, but always carries it off. She is more fascinating than most, because she gets what the public thinks of her and can poke fun of the poking fun. Who else could pose nearly naked in all manner of repose with her hot mate, throw out a baseball in wedge high heel sneakers, or run behind their two-year-old in platforms?