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Beard Gang!

Check out the new webisode of, "Inside Zappos"! This week Pat and Matt form a Beard Gang.  If you missed last weeks episode you can check it out HERE. Don't forget to tune in every other Tuesday for a new episode on

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Things On My Desk, with Pawel S.

Pawel S. from our Development team shares his desk with us. I assume tea time comes after the nerf wars.

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Dev's Not All Bad

Ok, so the Development team got a bad rep after the whole nerf gun scenario , and rightfully so, they did get a little carried away. Ok, more than a little carried away, they turned their area into a battleground and who so ever dared to enter was in for a few high speed nerf bullets to the body.

Well, it seems like the trigger happy Dev team has finally retired their nerf weapons – most likely in a location that is easily accessable – but none the less, innocent bystanders are free to walk in the Dev zone without needing a shield of some sort.

Behold, a video clip proving that Dev isn’t all bad. You see, they’re friendly and waving. For now. Muhahahahahaha.