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How to Scare Your Friends for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Here at Zappos, we sort of have a long-standing tradition of trying to "outscare" and "outprank" each other. So we thought, what better time than Halloween to show you how to properly scare the daylights out of your friends for fun!

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Another Zappos Family Birthday Prank!

Mauricio’s team is at it again this year! You may remember the awesome prank that his team lovingly played on his birthday last year. Well, this time, the birthday “surprise” is more elaborate and involved an even bigger mess!

This is why it’s probably best to stay home on your birthday… IF you happen to work at! ;)

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The Moth Prank

Here at the Zappos HQ, we’re no strangers to office pranks. If you’re not careful, it’s very easy to fall prey to a practical joke. Even celebrities aren’t safe from some our office jokesters. Remember the classic prank played on Carey Hart? 

Leave your computer unlocked when you walk away from your desk for a couple of minutes, and you could come back to a pleasant surprise like a weird desktop wallpaper, or worse.

If you share your biggest fears…well, you could end up like our friend Darren. Consider this a friendly warning!

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Southern Accents ARE Funny!

Melissa likes to make fun of Pat’s accent. Can you blame her? It is a little “twangy”. But after this incident I’m sure she’ll stop making fun of him for a little while.

Brett Acquires Bacon

Yesterday we had an unhealthy food cook-off, and I had some leftover bacon, 1 piece to be exact. I asked everyone if they wanted it, but it sat around for a couple hours. Around 1PM Pacific time I placed said bacon in Brett’s bag. A few hours later we had Andrew J. Rosenthal from in the office for an interview/tour. While I had the camera out I asked Brett to show us what was in his bag. You won’t believe what happens next.

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More Office Pranks!

As you may already know by now, the Zappos office if full of pranksters. We’ve had pranks ranging from olive filled marshmallows to confetti catapults , but today Mikal is bringing back the classics with the old spider from the ceiling trick. EEK! I hate spiders! That prank used to get me every time. Thank you Mikal for bringing prankster back old school.

Office Pranksters!

This is how to create the most awesome office prank ever. WATCH!

Inner Office Cockroach: Part Deux

Missy and her Inner-Office Cockroach have struck again.

Our dear Help Desker Heaven T. received her just desserts when this cockroach showed up special delivery for her last week . It was revenge…for Heaven started the curse of the Inner Office Cockroach before…and now the curse lives on.

Holly, Altovise…look out!