Anne talking about Core Value's

Meet Anne the Receiving manager in the KY Fulfillment Center. Here she is talking about some Zappos Core Values and what they mean to her. Enjoy!

Video by: Michele K.

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The Kids Team gets TP'd

The Kid’s team came in to work Monday and found a plethora of different toilet tissue covering their area like a fresh snowfall. Upon going over and investigating, I found this may have been a retaliation effort by the clothing team. Apparently the clothing team was caught in the crossfire of a marshmallow gun attack , and inflicted a few minor injuries.

The Kid’s team was thankful for the fresh toilet tissue however, and stated,
“It is Flu season, and who couldn’t appreciate fresh toilet paper during flu season?”.

The Clothing team could not be reached for comment.

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Do More with Less: Popsicle Arm Splint

Have you ever been hanging out around the house and accidentally bump your head, arm or wrist? I most certainly have, and it usually happens when you have a busy week ahead of you. It was the week before christmas of 2007, and I was walking from my bathroom to my room in the dark, and hit my nose on a closet door that was left open. I immediately ran to the freezer and found a bag of hashbrowns to keep the swelling down. I was mad at myself for hitting my nose, especially since I knew I would be taking christmas pictures with my family later that week. I later noticed that it actually straightened my nose out, but took a while for the red mark to dissolve away.

Brian K. from the UX (User Experience) team had the same such luck after bumping his arm while doing some landscaping work over the weekend. I must say I was impressed by the use of popsicles to not only keep down the swelling, but also form a splint over the forearm. Well Played Bk, well played.

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Finance Gets Free Java!

Jeneen is known around the office for being funny and easy to get along with, but she has just earned the merit badge for giving free gourmet coffee to her coworkers. She has not only shown that she can motivate her team, but has also proven that coffee can bring people together !

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Western Boots

Myra and Mica, our 2 favorite junior fashion bloggers tell us about 4 new western style boots that are all made for walkin! From cool brands like Diesel, Mia , Boutique 9 and Steve Madden, you’re sure to turn some heads. Stay tuned for more cool trends !

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Zappos HR Game Show Appearance!

Remember when we told you our HR team participated in a game show? The episode of “Lets make a deal” aired yesterday and is on all day today. Click the link above and watch Altovise and the rest of our HR team today! Altovise and the rest of our awesome Human “Resourcers” appear at the 15:00 minute mark!

Fall Festivities

This past weekend we had a rockin’ good time at the KY FC Zappos Fall Festival. HR did a great job of putting this event together. The festival was at the zoo and we had food, slammin’ music, a baking contest, inflatables, and tons of other family-friendly activities. We loved it and had a great time. Thank you, HR!

There's a Time for Work..........

On Wednesday, July 8, 2009, it was a time for play. For those of you that missed out, our managers took the time to put together an employee appreciation day just for us. The managers not only participated in the activities on their shift, but also took the time to participate in the festivities of the opposite shift as well.

We were called to the zafe area a little after start-up, where Anthony V. announced we were going to have two hours of fun and games for the first employee appreciation day held at the new warehouse. We were then herded to the side door and greeted with chicken and pork chops. This was not only wonderful because it was such great food, but also because it was soup, salad and sandwich day.

There were plenty of activities to participate in. We had our blow-up obstacle course along with a blow-up rock wall. If you didn’t want to play in either of them, you could participate in karaoke, dodge ball, limbo, sack races, shoe toss or the money box.

This was the first time I have witnessed an event held at Zappos in which everyone got together and got paid to play and have fun. It was a pretty amazing day at the fulfillment center. I definitely felt the positive team and family spirit. I, along with the rest of our team, would like to give a BIG thank you to all of our managers here at Zappos!

-Erin S.