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Hosiery & Socks for Every Occasion

No matter what the season, there always seems to be a need for hosiery and socks to keep your feet and legs looking and feeling in top shape. For cold days, we have a great selection of tights, legwarmers and winter socks that add both warmth and style to any wardrobe.

For active lifestyles, we also carry a wide array of socks for every activity—from running, hiking, yoga and more! Of course, we can’t forget about date nights and special occasions. We have dress hosiery and tights for every look. Whether you’re looking for sexy, sheer tights to simple opaque leggings, we’ve got your legs covered.

Check out a few of our picks:

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For the gym/running/hiking/training/yoga:

1. CW-X Ventilato™ Compression Support Sock

2. 2XU Elite Compression Alpine Sock

3. Drymax Sport Socks (Trail Running) Quarter Crew 4-Pair Pack

4. Lucy Studio Grip Sock 3-Pair Pack

5. Nike Dri-FIT No Show 6-Pair Pack

For dressing up:

1. HUE Super Opaque Tights 3-Pair Pack

2. HUE Classic Rib Tights 3-Pair Pack

3. Anne Klein Medallion Tights

4. Wolford Satin Touch Stay-Up Thigh High

5. Cole Haan Hexadot Men’s Trouser Socks 3-Pack

For cold days:

1. Wolford Fine Merino Rib Leg Warmers

2. HUE Tuxedo Ponte Leggings

3. Smartwool Fairview Fairisle Socks

4. UGG Cable Leg Warmers

5. Stance “Sequoia” Cotton Socks

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New Brand Spotlight : HUE

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HUE® was founded by two female artists over 30 years ago in the fashion capital of America - New York City. Since its creation, HUE® has been the freshest, most innovative force in fashion legwear for more than three decades. HUE® personifies an on-trend, lighthearted approach to fashion that is always ahead of the curve and a bit more fun.

HUE® leggings, jeggings and tights pair perfectly with this season's hottest boots and shoes--so make sure you pick up a pair in every color!

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New Brand Spotlight: Bootights

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Boot lovers rejoice! These ingenious Bootights™ make us go “Hmm, now why didn’t we think of that?” They’re the first and only tights designed specifically for boots with attached moisture-wicking socks.

They even make them  in different sock lengths to accommodate different types of boots. You’ll definitely want to stock up on these! Even Oprah is a big fan!

Incorporating International Fashion into Your Wardrobe: Designer Tights

Modern tights were worn by girls in America, but both boys and girls wore them in Europe. We no longer see boys wearing tights for formal events, although Japan may be an exception. Convention and the popularity of tights vary widely in Europe, but with fashion forward designs in tights by some of the most recognized designers, tights are quickly becoming as common in the states as in southern or northern Europe. Take a look at some of these cutting edge designs in tights.

Juicy Couture Lace Tights are classic fishnet tights with a modern rose pattern. These playful stockings are perfect for underneath a flirty skirt or complimenting that little black dress.

If you're feeling the texture trend on tights, choose between Missoni's Classic Tights or Missoni's Zig-Zag Tights. They feature colorful stripe details that start from the mid-thigh. They're available in an assortment of color combinations for endless fashion fun.

Look tres chic in some of Betsey Johnson's trendy tights. The Cozy Eyelet Crochet Tights are comfortable, cozy, and made of a luxurious cashmere blend. They feature an eyelet cutout detail for a fun and flirty look. Also available in a cute cashmere blend are Betsey Johnson's Cozy Hearts Crochet Tight. These tights come in two colors, guaranteed to look great as an under-garment as well as an over-garment.

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From the Runway to Your Closet: Thigh High Boots Popular for Fall

The 2009 fall runways went from one extreme to the other with boots. We looked at how popular booties are for this fall, but another huge trend with boots this fall and winter are thigh high boots. Now, some women automatically associate thigh high boots with women of a not-so-nice profession, but thigh high boots can be done in an attractive and non-trashy way.

To avoid getting mistaken as a streetwalker when wearing thigh high boots, you want to be sure that the boots are of good quality and also avoid high-sheen finishes such as pleather, as well as chunky heels. Here are some styles to look for that will keep you walking in the thigh high boot trend this fall and winter.

Leather thigh high boots are the safest choice if you are unsure about the trend. Pick a black or dark brown to play it even safer. Suede is another top pick for thigh high boots. Suede boots look awesome in black, grey, brown, tan, plum, and olive green. Suede boots can be dressier with a heel or even have a completely flat heel for a more casual look.

Some cute ways to wear thigh high boots is paired with a mini dress and leggings and tights. Don’t forgo the leggings and tights under the mini dress as they are still needed. Plus, they are a big trend for the fall as well, so a mini dress or mini skirt with tights or leggings the same color of the boots or dress makes a great outfit for a date night out. Best of all, thigh high boots that are the same color as the tights or leggings can make legs appear longer and skinnier!

If you want more of a casual look, you can choose a pair of skinny pants or jeans to put your thigh high boots over. This look only works with skinny pants that are tight all the way down. Other pants will look way too baggy for this type of boot.

A nice pair of thigh high boots in a neutral color will have you walking like a model on the runway all through the fall and winter.

How to Wear Tights with Peep-Toe Shoes

Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those...tights? Combining tights and peep-toe shoes can work better than you might expect, but it does pose some challenges. The right tights can take your favorite peep-toe shoes from warm fall days through chilly evenings, keeping you comfortable and fashionable.

Step 1
Choose seasonally appropriate peep-toe shoes. Opt for leather, suede or patent peep toes if you want to wear them with tights.

Step 2
Select opaque tights as opposed to sheer stockings to wear tights with peep-toe shoes. Look for tights with a minimal toe seam and an undistinguished, non-reinforced toe.

Step 3
Match your tights to your outfit for an easy to wear way to try out this trend. Try wearing a dark skirt and tights with bright peep-toe shoes for a punch of color or with coordinated peep-toe shoes for a more classic look that is appropriate for many offices.

Step 4
Wear bright tights with neutral peep toes if you have slender legs and would like a more dramatic look. Experiment with opaque tights in turquoise, hot pink, or bright kelly green for this young look.

Step 5
Play with pattern and texture. Combine a tone-on-tone patterned tight with a simple skirt and matching peep-toe pumps for a more conservative stylish look. Wear  seamed or fishnet style tights with peep-toe shoes for a playful evening style.

Peep-toe shoes

Curvier legs and bodies will look stunning with bright or dramatic peep-toes and toned down tights.
Keep your peep-toe shoes age appropriate by avoiding short skirts or racier styles with these sexy shoes.

How to Outfit With Tights

Tights are the ideal solution to skirts and dresses in cold weather. Tights can range from opaque hose that provide only minimal extra warmth to heavy sweater knits that are warm and snuggly throughout the chilly months. Tights have become trendy for all ages, offering additional wardrobe options and a chance to add pattern and color to your daily attire.

Step 1
Pick a style. Choose bright, colorful tights for a young and fun look or classic opaque black tights for an office appropriate and chic option. Experiment with subtle printed or textured tights to make the most of a quieter outfit or go bold for a more daring look.

Step 2
Pick the right size. Start by looking up your height and weight on the sizing chart for the specific brand of tights; however, keep in mind that if you are long legged, short legged, or carry weight differently than the company's fit model, you might need a larger or smaller size. Experiment to find the fit you prefer when wearing tights. Look for tights with enough length to reach from toe to crotch seam, a comfortable waist height and without any sagging or rippling.

Step 3
Wear opaque neutral toned tights with nearly anything. Pair classic dark tights with boots and a skirt, traditional neutral pumps, or boldly colored peep-toe shoes. Wear basic tights with knee socks and a skirt for a whimsical look or under your pants on especially cold days. Choose opaque dark-toned solid tights for a slimming look, and consider opting for those with control features if you prefer to look a bit more toned.

Step 4
Pair bold, bright tights with dark, neutral outfits. Make hot pink, turquoise, or yellow tights the pop of color in a gray or black outfit. Combine your bold tights with a neutral shoe, perhaps a trendy high boot, comfortable flat, or peep-toe heel.

Step 5
Choose textured or patterned hose to show off great legs. Opt for vertical patterns for a more slimming look. Wear tights with classic back seams for a sexy evening look or a quiet herringbone pattern for a day at the office. Pair your textured tights with simple shoes or boots or pick a color from the print on your tights and make it shine by wearing matching shoes.

Hand wash your tights to keep them in good condition as long as possible.

Tights are not pants or leggings. Always be sure that your dress or skirt is long enough to cover relevant parts to avoid being a fashion don't.


First there were manbags, or more accurately, murses. Then there was the makeup evolution with manscaras and guyliners. Now comes the manty hose. Yes ladies, manty hose, as in hosiery for men. Clearly we are not talking about your mother’s or grandmother’s pantyhose any longer! Now before you start thinking in terms of a cross-dressing BFF, more Dana than Dave sort of way, it is not. Many websites carry them, and many pitch them for the ordinary man (um, right), who likes that cozy, comfortable feeling. The manty hose, like regular pantyhose, vary in colors, sheerness and weight. However, there is one defining difference, the male comfort panel. That would be the center panel with a fly closure for obvious reasons of course. To me some fashion items are sacred and some fashion lines should never be crossed, nylons/hosiery being one of them. But if you don’t know what to get your bloke for the holidays, and need a stocking stuffer, perhaps manty hose are the answer. The hosiery for men can be found at and At this rate, can muggs be far behind?