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Merry Christmas from The Zappos Family!

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Holiday Recap from the ZFC Family

TZFC Santa and his Helpershe Holiday Season signifies countless things to different people.  For some, it is time with family and friends.  For others, it’s the chance to give back to their community.  There are individuals that thrive on the celebrations and songs, and still more live for the gifts they give and receive.  At the Zappos Fulfillment Center, the holiday season means all of these things and more. 

Whether taking time out of a hectic year to enjoy a meal together, or simply utilizing dress-up days to honor team unity and personal creativity, the Zappos Kentucky Family has always had a knack for closing out the year in style.  This season was no different, including potluck lunches, charity outings, and even a genuine Santa’s Sleigh parading through the warehouse. Welcoming the winter months has never been as warm as in 2011.  

With a busy Peak Season in full swing, and long hours away from family at home, the Zappos spirit truly ZFC Holiday Hatscame out. Several groups brought joy by caroling through the Fulfillment Center with original jingles, creating a little fun and weirdness and serenading with a whole lot of cheer.  Santa, along with his elves and reindeer, delivered candy canes, smiles, and delight.  From a ZFC-wide gift drive, to serving hot meals, to fixing up a home in need, the family circle enveloped not only the walls of the FC, but encompassed the community as well.  And for those dedicated to WOW-ing customers through the holidays, parties, celebrations, thumb wars, and theme days allowed team members to join together to ring in a great end to 2011. 

Now, with both peak and the holiday season in the rearview mirror, there is one more event around the corner.  Tonight, the Zappos Kentucky Family, along with some very special guests, will put the exclamation point on a fantastic year with our annual holiday party!

Happy 2012 from the Zappos Kentucky Family!  May this year be merry and full of possibility!

ZFC Season's Greetings

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How to Shop on Zappos... in the Shower!

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How to Wrap and Unwrap Presents

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Gingerbread House Contest

gingerbread houses,christmas,zappos holidays,zappos culture,zapponians,zappos hq,gingerbread contest

gingerbread houses,christmas,zappos holidays,zappos culture,zapponians,zappos hq,gingerbread contest

We recently had an office-wide gingerbread house contest and these are just some of the amazing creations that were entered. The grand prize winner was our Pipeline Team with their “Nightmare Before Christmas” creation (top left).

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Inside Zappos, Episode 6 : "Fruit Cake"

This week Pat finds out what members of the Zappos Family are doing to gear up for the holidays.. (if you missed last week's episode, check it out HERE). Stay tuned for new webisodes every Monday right here on

A Christmas Treasure Hunt

Looking to hold a Christmas treasure hunt for your kids this season? Mike, Peppers and Pollywogs own poet, has come up with a set of clues for you to use for your upcoming Christmas treasure hunt.

Christmas Treasure Hunt Clues

1. Round like the O’s in Ho Ho Ho, my green arms hold your first clue near the door.   (Wreath)

2. Just days until Christmas, and I count them down.  Where, can you guess, will the next clue be found?  (Advent Calendar)

3. Away in a manger, no crib for his bed, come find your next clue where animals were fed.  (Nativity Scene)

4. I grow outdoors, but you brought me inside, my well-lit boughs are where your clue resides.  (Christmas Tree)

5. For your next clue, I say wait for no man!  Your next clue holder is often found in the mouth of a snowman!  (Corn Cob Pipe)

6. Hold your head high, or you just might miss it.  If you want your next clue, you’re going to have to kiss it!  (Mistletoe)

7. My belly’s like jelly and my nose like a fruit. Come get your next clue, but don’t mind the soot! (Santa)

8. It takes 8 of us (plus the one with the light) to pull ol’ Santa around the world in 1 night. (Reindeer)

9. I’m red and white with a crooked neck… they said “hide this clue!” so I said, “Sure! What the heck!”  (Candy Cane)

10. Don’t flake on me now, the end is in sight!  Your next clue is near something that paints winter ground white.  (Snowflake)

Happy Holiday Treasure Hunting!

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Riedel Masters The Art of Decanters

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The Riedel family opened its first glass factory in 1756 and has been in the glass business for 11 generations. Their business evolved from making window panes and chandelier parts to developing elegant, unadorned stemware. As a wine glass company, Riedel crafts the finest glasses, enhancing your wine and your table. The shape of a Riedel glass makes it an instrument of pleasure and the designs are as casual and contemporary as the stemless "O" glass or as elegant and timeless as the hand-blown Sommeliers series.

Liven up your holiday party’s dinner table with am elegant decanter from Riedel. Specializing in leaded crystal stemware, Riedel produces mouth-blown, handmade glassware as well as non-leaded machine made glassware. The extreme clarity of Riedel glassware makes them ideal for serving water, fine wine, cocktails, champagne and other beverages at the dinner table. And the stunningly beautiful decanters Riedel makes will transform the ordinary tablescape into something quite extraordinary. Enrich your life with the timeless elegance of fine glassware from Riedel.