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Do More with Less: Popsicle Arm Splint

Have you ever been hanging out around the house and accidentally bump your head, arm or wrist? I most certainly have, and it usually happens when you have a busy week ahead of you. It was the week before christmas of 2007, and I was walking from my bathroom to my room in the dark, and hit my nose on a closet door that was left open. I immediately ran to the freezer and found a bag of hashbrowns to keep the swelling down. I was mad at myself for hitting my nose, especially since I knew I would be taking christmas pictures with my family later that week. I later noticed that it actually straightened my nose out, but took a while for the red mark to dissolve away.

Brian K. from the UX (User Experience) team had the same such luck after bumping his arm while doing some landscaping work over the weekend. I must say I was impressed by the use of popsicles to not only keep down the swelling, but also form a splint over the forearm. Well Played Bk, well played.

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Finance Thanksgiving Potluck

The Finance team organized a department wide potluck dinner in the style of “The Pilgrim Supper” . We decided to check it out and see what was on the menu, and maybe do a little taste testing as well! Great job of exuding core value #7 Finance team!

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Tony Talks Core Values with Jeanne Bliss

When it comes to Customer Loyalty, Jeanne Bliss knows when it’s being done right, or even done wrong. Her new book “I Love You More Than My Dog“ is all about companies that use Customer Service as a tool to gain and retain customers. Tony tells Jeanne how the Zappos Core Values came about, and how they have helped to drive and amplify the Zappos culture.

Altovise Makes a Deal, and HR Builds a Positive Team and Family Spirit

We’ve been talking about the HR team’s big game show outing for the past few weeks, and last Wednesday we had a viewing party. Here’s a little video and interview we put together that we feel is an excellent representation of our culture, and Core Value #7.

How Long Can You Wear Your Chuck Taylors?

Heather bet Ebonique a dollar a day that she wouldn’t wear her purple Chucks for a month. Ebonique took her up on that bet, and in the spirit of Core Value #3, she one uped the bet and wore uber hip 80’s outfits along with her purple Chuck Taylors the entire month of August. Well, every day except the 31st that is! How long can you wear your Chuck Taylors?

Corporate Challenge Poster Extravaganza!

Our Corporate Challenge contenders are very passionate and determined to bring in as many medals as they can, but also have fun and build team spirit at the same time. The HR team hosted a poster making extravaganza to allow everyone who didn’t participate in Corporate Challenge to show their pride as well.

So far The Archery Team and 5k run Group have each acquired a Gold Medal, and the Bike Race Group scored a Bronze medal for their efforts! Our Sand Volleyball as well as our Walk Race Teams Scored 4 points each, and the Zappos Track and Field team scored 1 point. Thanks for making us Proud to be Zapponians , and keep up the good work!

The Content team gets "Motivated" !

Recently the Content team brought in a motivational speaker that uses unique practices to inspire the team. Little did Mr. Jonas know, he would learn a thing or two about Zappos Culture as well as the Zappos 10 Core Values during his stay.

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Culture Update: Core Value Recognition Awards

Have you caught someone in the act of demonstrating one, or maybe more, of our 10 core values? Well, hopefully the odds are pretty good that you have, and now you can recognize your fellow co-worker for doing so.

The Core Value Recognition Awards are here and ready to be given out. Here’s how it works:
Once you witness a co-worker performing one of our 10 core values, simply go the recognition box on top of the bookshelf to the right of the 2280 Help Desk and fill out your award.

It’s that easy and it makes the person who was caught in the act feel all warm and fuzzy inside.