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Rudy & Meghan Replied To All!!

It’s that time again! The time when one of our Zapponians, well, in this case, two of them, accidentally clicked the old mouse when they shouldn’t have and replied to all . They unknowingly sent an email to a group far larger than what was intended and at Zappos, we award them for their mistake! (All in good fun, of course) The mayor was there with a bullhorn and we were there with the camera and our Reply To All Hat :)

Thanks for being good sports!!

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J.D. CC'd LV Team!!

On Wednesday, the whole company got a very weird email, our very own J.D. CC’ed the entire company on an email meant for one. What was a small mistake actually turned into a bit of funny business for the rest of us.

J.D. is in our IT department and he inadvertently carbon copied the whole company to let us know about a token that needed to be replaced. We have a special way of recognizing those who reply to all here at, we make some noise, have them put on a special hat and take a picture, then to top it all off we write a blog to let others know.

Technically, one might say that this is not a true ‘Reply-all’, but the effect was the same.

This is all done in good fun and it is a way that we build a positve team & family spirit…as well as keeping our email servers working :)

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Mahvash Replied To All!!

Here at zappos, we have a tradition, when someone replies to all, we take their picture, make some noise and write a blog about it! It’s one of the ways that we create a positive team & family spirit, as well as create fun & weirdness. In the holiday shuffle today, Mahvash accidentally hit a button that would seal her fate, she replied to all, and not just to a few people, she replied to the whole Las Vegas team!! So in true Zappos fashion, we made some noise and took her picture. Thanks for being a good sport, Mahvash!

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The Story Behind the Reply-All Hat

Here it is, the story behind the “reply to all hat” as told by Anne F.

“Last week, Donavon came to me and told me we needed to get a new “reply to all” hat, because when Tony randomly Twittered about taking someone’s picture with our previous hat, he received more replies than any other Tweet. So, since it became so popular, we thought we needed a better hat to go along with the motto. My manager told me that we wanted something along the lines of showgirl or Johnny Carson Carnak Turban; just really out there.

I pretty much got the same response from all of them: you can only buy, they have to custom-make it, and are really expensive. Then I came to yet another costume place called Independent Costume. So, I called, expecting the same reaction as the rest of the other shops. A lady by the name of Jan Jewett answered the phone and she instantly seemed to know the meaning of great customer service. I explained to her what we were looking for and she proceeded to tell me that they also only do custom-made for rental. Then she asked me how much were looking to spend and I told her under $100. She laughed, not sarcastically, but because she knew I didn’t know how much this stuff runs. She said she had a couple different hats that she would be willing to part with for about $150, because they were used in the original Rio Parade and can’t be used anymore. I told her to send me some pictures to show my manager before we make our decision.

Donavon and Jerry saw the picture of the hat and loved it, so we decided to take a trip down to the shop to pick up the hat and see it in person. When we ventured inside, we were blown away! There were costumes, fabric, beading, headdresses etc. everywhere. It was awesome! They do costumes for Cher, Bette Midler, Danny Gans, EFX, Dancing with the Stars and tons more. There was one guy who was putting rhinestones on a jacket, one by one, and they were tiny. Needless to say, this was a pretty rockin’ place. So we bought the hat, brought it back and had our first victim within 15 minutes.”