CLT Cow Awards

Our Customer Loyalty Team not only works hard to take care of our customers, but also takes pride in the fact that they are a true and noble team that is willing to do whatever they can for their fellow Zapponians. They actually have a team, called the WOW team, that does different events and recognition for the CLT members.

One of the things they use for recognition is the COW award (Cultivator Of wow). This award allows members of the CLT team to nominates others for the the great things that they do for others. The winners of the monthly award get a certificate and lunch.

Happy Holidays CLT!!!

Throughout the year our Customer Loyalty Team is at the forefront of our customer service efforts and are interacting with our customers on a daily basis. During the Holiday season, the call volume goes up dramatically, and the CLT works extremely hard to make sure all of our customers are taken care of.

To show appreciation for all their hard work, our merchandising team and vendors put together some fun gifts for all the CLT members.

Core Value of the Month Award!

The customer loyalty team has a “Wow Team” that plans different fun events and promotes our culture throughout the department during the year. In order to help everyone continue to live the core values, every month they hold a “Core value of the month” contest.

This month they celebrated core value #4, Be adventurous creative and open minded, with a shoes design contest.

Bananas in Pajamas

With the official start to our Holiday season this week, it is now peak season for our Customer Loyalty Team (CLT). During this time our call volume goes up in the call center, and in order to continue to give the best customer service possible, it’s all hands on deck. Besides many other departments helping out on the phones, our regular CLT members work longer shifts to take care of the extra volume.

To get through this busy time, the teams still like to have a little fun at work. Melissa’s team in CLT decided that since they were working extra hours, some of them coming in as early as 4am, they are having what they call a “Bananas in Pajamas” week. This would give them a chance to just roll right out of bed and come to work in their PJ’s during this busy time. They call it “Bananas in Pajamas” because they are spending almost the entire week wandering around doing everything in pajamas – stopping at the coffee shop before work, going out eat on their lunch break, etc. They certainly are working with our core values in “creating a little fun and weirdness.”

CLT Thanksgiving Potluck

Here at Zappos, we like to look at ourselves as one big happy family. With Thanksgiving being here our Customer Loyalty Team decided to have one big potluck for the entire floor. They made turkeys, hams, pies and every type of side you can imagine. It was delicious!

All of us here at Zappos want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Katrina's WOW poem!

Our very own Katrina J., British CLT-Bringer of WOW, created this fine work below to represent our culture in poetry.

Here at Zappos, we have a special way,
It’s called the the 10 core values and it helps us every day.

One of course, is the “Service WOW”
If you are really good at it, we award you a C.O.W (cultivator of wow

Number two, You’re in the drivers seat
Embracing change, we think is pretty neat!

Do you fit in with number three? please read on and you will see.

If you want to shave your head and have a race to grow a beard,
Then you’re creating a little fun and are hopefully a bit weird!

Be adventurous, creative and open minded as well, is number four, if
you can’t tell?

Now we are at the middle and it’s about keeping our brains fed,
Pursuing growth and learning, will help us stay ahead.

As for number six, we won’t keep you out of touch,
It’s open and honest communication, that will help us build our trust.

Team and family spirit is the next one to keep in mind.
With picnic’s and parties, where we all have a good time.

Doing more with less got us where we are today,
so, number eight is really great, making your idea’s our Way!

It’s number nine, I hear you determined to shout!!
And of course it’s the Passion, which is what we’re all about.

So now we reached the last one, what could we have left out??
Ten wonderful core values that makes Zappos what we are all about.

We like to remember where we came from and how far we have to go,
So being humble, is the last core, to keep in mind,
As we spread a little happiness to all of mankind…..

CLT QA Awards Top Performers

The Zappos slogan is “Powered by Service”. Everything that we do is focused with our customer in mind. In fact, our call center has an entire team, called quality assurance, which focuses on making sure our customers’ experience is the best it can possible be.

This week our QA team went around the office and surprised some of the employees that received the top customer service scores for the current period.

Friday the 13th

With the Customer Loyalty Team’s happy hour falling on Friday the 13th, they decided to have a scary theme to their event. In order to promote the happy hour, they went around the CLT floor and scared everyone into going.