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Today is Thank A Mail Carrier Day!

Every year, we ship packages to millions of customers across the nation, so we’re constantly wowed by the hard work of the delivery people from our shipping partners. As a small token of our appreciation, this “Thank a Mail Carrier Day”, we wanted to thank our HQ’s local delivery people in a special way. Today we encourage everyone to #ThankAMailCarrier!

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Gene Washington Day

The Zappos Family is fortunate to have great vendors that we have exceptional relationships with. Our Vendors and Employees are like our family, and last week we had a very special visitor. Gene Washington with UPS came in for a tour of our office, but little did Gene know, there was a special surprise for him. For a few years, we have been lucky enough to call UPS for help, and have the opportunity to speak with Gene, who continuously delivers extraordinary customer service. We declared October 28th Gene Washington day at the HQ!

Things on my Desk, with Patti C.

Our Facilities Supervisor, Patti C., has collected a lot of fun toys during her time here at Zappos. I think we all could use one of those easy buttons.

Check out all the fun stuff on her desk.

Alfred and his Day at UPS

Our CFO/COO, Alfred L., was asked by UPS to spend a day doing the job of a UPS Delivery Worker, and he gladly obliged!

On the last Friday before Christmas, if you live in the Southern Highlands part of Las Vegas, and you had a package delivered by UPS, there is a good chance that Alfred was the one that dropped off your package.

And, since this was a long, hard day of work, Alfred decided to take a dip in a customer’s pool at the end of the day to relax. But relaxing is hard when it’s 40 degrees outside….don’t try this at home, kids.

We captured it all on video…enjoy! Alfred, take it away….......