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Now Live On Outfit Builder

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Have you ever wanted to see what your new shoes will look like with a new dress? Zappos VIP customers will soon be able to mix and match products in our Outfit Builder! Pairing clothing, footwear, handbags and accessories has never been easier. Simply click the Outfit Builder icon at the botom of the VIP site, search for the products you want to add in and simply drag them down to the Outfit Builder Pallette. You can size them to fit together and save your look for others to see. Want to see what other VIPs have come up? You can see other VIP's creations in our gallery! Stay tuned to for the launch of Outfit Builder. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Channel the '80s: KangaROOS Brand Relaunch With Exclusive Styles On Zappos VIP!

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If you’re one of our Zappos VIP members and love the retro-classic style of KangaROOS, well you’re in luck! For only two days, Zappos VIP members will be able to purchase exclusive KangaROOS styles on the VIP site (that’s

Zappos is an exclusive online retailer for KangaROOS, and we’re the only place you can find these fresh exclusive styles. You’ll be sporting some VIP status when you’re the first of your friends to get your hands on these exclusive styles. Check them out here. Hurry, the clock is ticking!

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Take Part In Our Special One Day VIP Event

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Skip the Thanksgiving night camping trip in front of your favorite department store and shop from the comfort of your home on Black Friday for exclusive new products from some of your favorite brands such as 7 for All Mankind, Guess, Andrew Marc, and more. And of course, all of our VIPs get free next day shipping on all orders. If you aren't a VIP yet, turn that frown upside down. Get free overnight shipping ‘til the cows come home and more by signing up HERE. This free membership offer is good until 11/26, so make sure you're a VIP this holiday season and if you ever need anything, is open 24/7 every day of the year.

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Get the All-New VIP Experience

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There are some exciting changes on for all VIP members (if you aren’t a VIP, click HERE to sign up). One of the Zappos Family core values is “embrace and drive change” and we are excited to announce some features that will improve your shopping experience. Shoppers will be happy to find a helpful “More from the brand” link next to the brand on each product page for easy navigation. Navigating to a brand page has never been easier. Enjoy the ease of viewing every angle and magnification of each item on the product page without having to open a separate viewing window. The reorganized color swatches will make it more simple to choose the product of your fancy. And lastly, tell all your Facebook friends what you are shopping for with the “Like” button on each page. The Zappos Family is always developing new methods of improving the user experience for our customers. We hope you enjoy the changes that our teams have worked so hard to deliver for you.

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Sneak peek #2 at the new VIP site

A few weeks ago we posted this , a quick look at what our upcoming VIP site may look like. Well the time seemed about right to present another peek at the new site. Below we have a pic of what part of the home page may look like. Of course there is a lot ot tweaking still to be had and it will evolve over time, but we thought we’d share it with ya!

In the previous post regarding the new site I briefly touched on how many people are working on this back at the zoffice, well, there are still tons of people contributing. We are making some good progress lately and watching it all come together has been crazy fun. I am so proud to be a part of the team, while I am not quite as involved as many others are in the creation of the new site I feel an emotional connection to this. I can only imagine how everyone else must feel…those who are coding, programming, skinning, categorizing, designing, etc, truly deserve a massive pat on the back for their hard work. I guess the hard part is deciding if that pat on the back should be really hard, or if it should be a massive hand gently patting on the back? However you interpret massive pat on the back, well, they deserve it!

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Sneak peek at the new VIP site?

It’s been a long time coming but we are finally getting close to beta launching our new and improved web site! We’ve been working hard at trying to create a better experience for you, and we are about ready to begin sneak peeking various parts of the soon-to-be VIP site. So many people and teams have been working crazy hard to rebuild are underlying architecture, user-interface, look and feel and overall experience. Below is a snippet of one lonely page on the site, millions more are just waiting to be viewed! The time will come!