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Death Defying Climbs: Mount Temple in Banff National Park

When asked to come up with a Canadian-themed sketch for the comedy series “Second City TV,” cast members Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas created Bob and Doug McKenzie, two backwoods brothers with a taste for beer and jelly doughnuts. Wearing toques on their heads and heavy winter coats, Bob and Doug would feel right at home on Mount Temple, one of the more challenging climbing destinations in the Great White North.

Located near Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Mount Temple reaches a height of 11,624 feet, which means that the dangers of dehydration, altitude sickness and frostbite are very, very real. Before heading to the summit, you might want to have a hearty breakfast of Canadian-style back bacon, but leave the beer back at base camp for the celebration after the climb. also advises climbers to watch the weather conditions carefully on Mount Temple because they can change quite quickly. If you expect the route to become cold and slick, make sure to lace up a pair of Kayland Super Ice boots before starting your climb. This sturdy footwear can help you with some of the difficult parts of the climb as well as navigating the icy areas.

Just as Mount Temple attracts climbers of different skill levels, the accommodations in and around Banff National park and Lake Louise vary greatly. If you are looking to really get away from it all, bring along your tent and sleeping bags for an outdoor adventure. After heading down from the summit, however, you may want to relax at one of the mid-level or five-star resorts in the area.

Though Bob and Doug McKenzie may never climb much higher than the counter at the nearest doughnut shop, you can enjoy Canada’s natural wonders and the climbing challenges that Mount Temple has to offer. With the right attitude and equipment, you can almost be certain of having a G’day on the way to the summit.