Trish C. Wins MOQ Award

Trish C., a Receiving Exceptions Coordinator, was recently recognized as the recipient of the MOQ (Merchandiser of the Quarter) award for Q4. It is given quarterly to an individual who consistently goes above and beyond what is asked to make everyone's life a little bit easier and a whole lot more awesome.  We caught up with Trish and she shared some thoughts on the award and her shrewd thrifting skills, among other things.  She has a big heart, a warm personality and is a real team player.  It's easy to see why Trish was recognized for the MOQ award!

awards, MOQ award, recognition, zappos campus, zappos content team, zappos culture, zappos employees, zappos family, Zappos Merchandiser of the Quarter Award, zappos merchandisingCongratulations, Trish!  How does it feel to be recognized by your Content peeps?

TC: I love Content!  Each department at Zappos is entwined in some way or another, but I like to think of Content as being one of my closest siblings.  It is such an honor to have them say I’m a superstar!

You are part of a very unique team as a Receiving Exceptions Coordinator.  Can you briefly describe what you do and how it relates to the Content and Merch departments?

TC: Briefly?  Oy.  LOL!  Basically, I communicate very closely with our fulfillment centers to ensure that product that gets stuck in the system somewhere gets resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Product comes in that either wasn’t ordered, doesn’t have a PO (purchase order) attached to it, is the wrong color or isn’t even in our system.  I work with both Content and Merchandising to figure out what it is, why we have it and where it goes.

Share with us the single most crazy-busy day you have experienced so far at Zappos and how you persevered, WOWing those around you.

TC: I am nothing without my Peeps... and the ZCafe!  These are the things that keep me sane.  Crazy-busy day?  With 333 unassigned tickets in our queue, every day is a crazy-busy day!  LOL!

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever acquired from a garage sale?

TC: Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten at a garage sale would be an electrical insulator bought for $2 that I turned around and sold for $2500!  Wooohoooo!

As a fan of the written word, which book has offered the greatest impact in your life?

TC: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Finally, the big question!  NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, actress Alyson Hannigan and actor Steve McQueen all share a birthday with you.  Of these three, whom would you most like to meet and why?

TC: Steve McQueen would be my choice.  He was a great actor, he drove a motorcycle and he starred in epic films like The Blob (1958)!

Alex C. wins MOQ award!

MOQ award,Zappos Culture,Zappos Merchandising, Inc., Zappos Content team, awards,Zappos employees,recognition,Fresno,Zappos Campus,Zappos Merchandiser of the Quarter Award,Alex C., a Merchandising Assistant for the Athletic Performance Department, was recently recognized as the recipient of the MOQ (Merchandiser of the Quarter) award for Q3. It is given to an individual who consistently goes above and beyond what is asked to make everyone's life a little bit easier.  We caught up with Alex and he shared some thoughts on the award, as well as a glimpse into the windows of his soul.  Okay, it wasn't that dramatic.  We asked him some questions and he thoughtfully answered them!

Congratulations, Alex!  How does it feel to be recognized by your Content peeps?

AC: It feels amazing to be recognized by such an awesome team.

If you were mentoring a new Merchandising Assistant on your team, what one thing would you stress is important to a successful work relationship with Content?

AC: Appreciate, respect and understand your content team. Collectively, they are your right-hand man or woman.

Share with us the single most crazy-busy day you have experienced so far and how you persevered, WOWing those around you.

AC: My first day at Zappos was my craziest day here. Going from line showing to line showing, meeting to meeting and being introduced to so many new people that day, it was pretty overwhelming. I can honestly say though, without being cliché, staying calm and carrying on did get me through that day.

Having graduated from CSU-Fresno, you may or may not know Fresno is the fifth largest city in the state of California.  Can you name five of your most favorite places or things about Fresno?


 1) The Tower District! It's an awesome place to hangout, meet up with friends, grab a bite to eat, check out a show or have a drink at one of the awesome bars in the area.

2) The food! Fresno has great local spots that can't be beat! Not to mention the fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown in Fresno that go into the great local dishes.

3) Fresno also has great culture in both the art and music scenes. There are weekly and monthly art exhibits that rival those of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Fresno is also a destination for big music acts but is still rich in its great local music scene.

4) Being in the middle of California, Fresno is only a few hours away from destinations like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yosemite, the Central Coast and my favorite, Disneyland!

5) Lastly, you can't talk about Fresno without mentioning CSU Fresno or as we call it, Fresno State. It's a great university and home to the Fresno State Bulldogs. GO DOGS!

What is your favorite word in the Japanese language?

AC: Ganbatte - Good luck

Finally, the big question!  Rap luminary T-Pain, author Truman Capote and actor Tony Hale (Buster Bluth on TV's Arrested Development) all share a birthday with you.  Of these three, whom would you most like to meet and why?

AC: Truman Capote. I'm sure he would have some very interesting stories to share.

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Zappos Fulfillment Center Ranked #12 On Best Places To Work In KY 2011

awards, best places to work, Best Places To work In KY 2011, zappos family, Zappos Fulfilment Center, Zappos KY, Zappos KY family, Zappos KY Warehouse, Zappos warehouse, ZFC

A very exciting honor was recently awarded to the ZFC (Zappos Fulfillment Center), and it's definitely something we're very proud to share with everyone!

The Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), in conjunction with the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, announced the 2011 Best Places To Work In KY on Wednesday, April 20th in Lexington, KY. The Zappos KY Family was among the companies nominated for this prestigious award. The awards ceremony was a celebration of employers who have proven that they know what it takes to create an environment where people love to come to work! Does this sound familiar to anyone?

A few folks from the Zappos KY Family traveled to the awards ceremony in style aboard "The Boss" party bus. All nominated companies had a chance to mingle before dinner and the official awards presentation. The awards were presented in two categories: Small/Medium Company and Large Company. In the large company category, the Zappos KY Family represented the only industry of its kind to be nominated!

The Zappos KY Family ranked #12 on this year’s list! When it was announced, the Zapponians that attended the ceremony made their way to the front in a conga line to accept the award and have their picture taken. It was truly a wonderful representation of what our culture is all about!

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Safety Rocks!

Safety comes first in the Zappos Kentucky Family!

Recently the Zappos Safety Idol was held within the fulfillment center to promote our number one priority! Departments got together to create musically inspired safety songs and to have a little fun, of course. Glenn L. was announced the winner of Zappos Safety Idol at our All Hands meeting July 27th where he performed his fabulous song Zappos Fulfillment Centers, Inc. Glenn makes safety rock!


The 1st Annual Zappos Blog Awards

This week we gathered our HR and Blog Teams together to award the greatest 2009 Zappos Video Blogs. Everyone was quite pleased with the outcome, except Brett, the Blog Team Supervisor. He was quite vocal about the decision.

CLT Happy Hour!

The Zappos Customer Loyalty Team works 24 hours a day/seven days a week, doing everything they can to take care of our customers. So when they get a chance to get out and have a good time, they sure know how to party, people! This week they had a happy hour to have some fun and recognize their co-workers for a job well done.

We all ate a lot, played games, like beer pong and pool, gave out awards to celebrate some of their accomplishments, and like all Zappos parties , had a few drinks.

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1st Annual Super Awesome Description Award of Excellence Awards Ceremony

Happy New Year Everybody!

It’s Danielle from the Casual Lifestyle Content Team. I administer an event at our bi-weekly content meetings called Super Awesome Descriptions. The entire team nominates descriptions that are super awesome and I choose the creme de la creme (super awesome description of the week) to read and applaud in the meeting. A description is considered “super awesome” when it informs, romances, excites, and ultimately wows the reader. Yesterday at our first content meeting of 2009 I unveiled the 1st annual Super Awesome Description Award of Excellence awards ceremony. All of the super awesome description of the week winners were presented with a spiffy award to post at their desk or frame and hang above their fireplace! Twelve content coordinators received the award.

Here are some of the super awesome descriptions (prepare yourself for greatness): – written by Angela C. – Amanda W. – Hannah E. – Mike F. – Andrew N.

Here’s to more super awesome descriptions in 2009 – happy writing!

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