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Survival Gear: Surving The Amazon Basin

The Amazon basin is famous for its untamed trails, unmatched terrain and incredible views of the lush rainforest and rivers. The birds, flora and fauna that live in the basin are ready to welcome you to the ancient forests and trails that are sure to take your breath away. However, Mother Nature can be less than forgiving on your rainforest hike so you’ll need to turn to a safety kit that contains all the essentials to weather the storm. From waterproof clothing to first aid kits, here’s what you’ll need to survive on that tropical trail:

First aid kit
You’ll need an effective solution for managing cuts, scrapes and bruises along the trail so you can press on like a true rainforest warrior. Make sure your first aid kit contains antibacterial gel, cotton swabs, alcohol and other basics to clean up any wounds and protect your skin in rougher conditions.

Water Purifier
Staying well hydrated in the humid climate is essential for survival; don’t give yourself a chance to become dehydrated as you venture into balmy territory. A water purifier and water pack will help you stay well stocked with fresh water and may even deliver the boost of energy you need to finish your trail.

Emergency Snacks
If you get stuck in the middle of a hurricane or tropical storm, you’ll need some food to make it through the day. Pack some basic snacks that won’t melt or dissolve in the high heat. Trail mix, cereal bars, instant oatmeal and canned meals are a few must-have foods for your Amazon adventure.

Lighting Gear
When the sun disappears from the Amazon rainforest, you’ll need a way to navigate the tropical terrain. Your instincts will serve as your guide for most of the trail, but you’ll need the help of a lantern or flashlight to make it through the trail. Make sure you’re well equipped with batteries and a backup light source if you’re planning a multi-night camp or hike through the rainforest.

Waterproof Clothing
A light parka or waterproof jacket will protect you from intermittent rain showers and keep you dry and comfortable for the long night ahead. Make sure you have an emergency blanket or parka wrapped up tight in your pack as an extra safety measure.