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Under Armour- "I Will"

Check out Under Armour at!

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The World's Most Versatile Trail Shoe: The TevaSphere from Teva

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When challenged to design a trail running shoe specifically for the modern adventurer, Teva spent four years developing and perfecting the TevaSphere, the only trail shoe you will ever need.

hiking, running, teva, teva tevasphere, tevasphere, tevasphere running shoes, trail hiking, trail running shoes, trail running sneakers, trail shoes, trail sneakers, Trails, zappos runningThe TevaSphere is perfect for the runner who faces a diverse range of trail and obstacles. From sandy shores to rocky terrain.

Its execution starts with the drastically different back heel. By replacing the squared off blocky heels of traditional running shoes with a more natural curved point of impact, the TevaSphere allows contact to the ground in various angles.

The unique “pods” located on either side of the arches give pinpoint support when you need it most. TevaSphere brings a harmonious balance between the freedom of a minimalist shoe with a supportive platform to avoid lower leg injuries and fatigue.

To learn more about the amazing technology and thoughtfulness in design of what Teva deems “the world’s most versatile trail shoe”, check out the informative video below!

Now see for yourself why the TevaSphere will eliminate the need to fumble through a closet full of shoes on your next trail run. Experience what four years of trial and error and extensive research by the Teva team feels like out there on the trail where it matters most!

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Register Now!: Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon 2012 Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon, rock n roll marathon,Strip,Las Vegas Strip,Competitor Group,Team Challenge, Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon 2012,runners,running,marathons,marathon running,half marathon,strip at night,run the strip at night,The Las Vegas Strip,night race,night marathon,,

Is running a marathon or half marathon on your bucket list?  Are you looking for a race that’s full of bright lights, excitement and memorable sights and sounds? The Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon is the race you’ve been looking for!

NOW is the time to register before the registration fees go up September 4th.

Now get out there and start training! CLICK HERE for more info..

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Move Freely in the Reebok RealFlex Transition 2.0

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Based on the principles of natural motion, the Reebok RealFlex Transition 2.0 is the perfect training/gym shoe to give your feet the ultimate flexibility and protection.

Bill McInnis, head of advanced innovation at Reebok, goes through the RealFlex Transition 2.0’s awesome features:  

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New Brand Spotlight: Newton Running

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The inspiration behind Newton Running®, as well the brand’s name, was Sir Isaac Newton and his third law of motion, which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

A leader in natural running, Newton believes that maintaining natural running form without being barefoot requires a shoe that allows the foot to connect with the ground as though it is shoeless. Any geometric change interferes with the natural gait, which is why every shoe is built on a level platform that mimics the foot’s natural geometry. Unhindered, flexible movement is essential, as long as the shoe is still protective enough to prevent injury over harsh terrain.

So who are Newton running shoes for? They are for runners who are already mid-foot or forefoot strikers, as well as those who are working on transitioning from heel striking to a more natural running form.

Slip into a Newton running shoe and experience the science of motion.

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Vivobarefoot: A Sole for Every Terrain

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Break free of that old treadmill rut and take your runs on a more scenic trail this season with Vivobarefoot’s patented minimal trail runners. From the beach to rocky riverbeds, trail running with one of their lightweight shoes allows for a more natural range of motion with maximum sensory feedback-- all while staying protected from the elements.

Styles featured: Vivobarefoot Neo Trail, Vivobarefoot Achilles, Vivobarefoot EVO II, and Vivobarefoot Ultra

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New Brand Spotlight: Hoka One One

hoka one one, running,trail running,outdoor running,cushioned trail runners,men's running shoes,women's running shoes,zappos running,new brand spotlightIn 2009, adventure racers Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud envisioned a new type of shoe. Dedication brought their dream to life and Hoka One One™ (pronounced: Ho ⋅ ká – Ò ⋅ né – Ò ⋅ né ) was born.

Driven by a trending popularity in outdoor recreation, namely trail running, they noticed that athletes are becoming increasingly faster, and that variation in performance is most noticeable during descents. Downhill running is often synonymous with fatigue, impact and muscle strain. Inspired, Jean-Luc and Nicolas responded by creating an innovative running shoe that focuses on freedom and enjoyment.

Each Hoka One One shoe is built upon a maximally cushioned midsole that offers superior protection, comfort and propulsion. The characteristic rocker geometry promotes optimally efficient running mechanics. Oversized outsoles, which have 50% more surface area than the average running shoe, ensure maximum stability, traction and connection with the ground. Being 15% lighter than most other running shoes, Hoka One One makes running uphill as much fun as running downhill, with much less body fatigue.


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10 Great Fitness Shoes to Kick Start the New Year

There’s no better way to start those New Year’s fitness resolutions than with brand new shoes. That’s right! It’s time to toss out those dirty, old sneakers! The right shoes are imperative to making sure your workout routine begins with the right support and cushioning.

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Here are a few of our tried-and-true picks to get you started on the road to a healthier 2012:


1. Nike Free Run +2: Liberate your runs with the natural gait movement that come from these ultra-light minimalist runners.

2. New Balance MT20: The off-road enthusiast will love the flexibility and more natural gait from these trail runners.

3. Saucony Progrid™ Guide 4: These offer an extra layer of shock protection to soften the impact of your daily runs.

4. ASICS GT-2160™:  These offer the same cushioned support you’ve come to expect from ASICS with a couple of sleek design updates.

5. Brooks Adrenaline™ GTS 12: This updated version of the GTS 11 gives moderate over-pronators the stability and cushioning needed for a great run every time.


6. ASICS Gel-Kayano® 17: Designed for the moderate over-pronator, these combine breathable cushioning with enhanced stability for running and gym workouts.

7. Nike Free Run +2: Ideal for the runner who is looking to strengthen with minimalist shoes. We love them for their super flexible, super lightweight construction.

8. Saucony Progrid™ Guide 4: The Comfortride™ sockliners not only provide superb cushioning, they are also antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, giving you a drier, more comfortable run.

9. New Balance WT20: These trail runners offer great breathability and makes a great introduction to the world of minimalist running.

10. Brooks Adrenaline™ GTS 12: This gives moderate over-pronators the stability they need without added bulk.

For even more running shoes and clothing to get you on your way to a healthy new year, check out the Zappos Running page!