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Better Your Runs With This Winning Formula

Have you ever wanted to remove “run a race” from your bucket list, but often find yourself getting frustrated a few weeks into training? Don’t worry — it’s happened to us all, and the good news is this disappointment is completely reversible. When preparing for a 5k or 10k, you have to think slow and steady and not over-exert out of the gate. Think back to the notorious childhood fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” and you’ll be reminded that it takes more than just any kind of training and lightning-quick speed to come out on top.



Jeff Galloway, America's Running Coach, running, 5k training, 10k, cross training, running sneakers

Jeff Galloway, America's Running Coach, running, 5k training, 10k, cross training, running sneakers



If you’re a beginning runner and want to take a stab at your first race, I highly suggest following my 15-week and 13-week training schedule below. I’ve also provided a few more talking points that will have you getting your runs off on the right foot, rearing and ready to go by New Year’s!



Jeff Galloway, America's Running Coach, running, 5k training, 10k, cross training, running sneakers



Jeff Galloway, America's Running Coach, running, 5k training, 10k, cross training, running sneakers

Jeff Galloway, America's Running Coach, running, 5k training, 10k, cross training, running sneakers



Tips for a successful training


  • Don’t wait to take walk breaks. By alternating walking and running from the beginning, you speed recovery without losing any of the endurance effect of the long one. Start with jogging one to two minutes and walking two to three minutes. As your training level increases you can adjust your run/walk ratio to running five minutes and walking one minute on your long runs. 


  • Be sure to do the running portion slow enough at the beginning of every run (especially the long run) so that you’ll feel tired but strong at the end. The conservatism will allow you to recover faster.


Jeff Galloway, America's Running Coach, running, 5k training, 10k, cross training, running sneakers



Jeff Galloway, America's Running Coach, running, 5k training, 10k, cross training, running sneakers

Jeff Galloway, America's Running Coach, running, 5k training, 10k, cross training, running sneakers



  • Every other day you can cross-train instead of walking. Cross-country ski machines, water running, cycling and any other mode that you find fun and interesting (but non-pounding) will improve overall fitness. 


  • Stay conversational on all of your exercise sessions. This means that you should be exerting yourself at a low enough level that you could talk. It’s OK to take deep breaths between sentences, but you don’t want to “huff and puff” between every word. 


  • As the runs get longer, be sure to keep your blood sugar boosted by eating an energy bar, or equivalent, about an hour before exercise. Drink water continuously before and during exercise and with all food. 




Off and Running with Adidas

Running — some days it’s the bane of my existence. It’s grueling, it’s tough and occasionally I’d rather be slouched on the couch with a four-cheese pizza pie and beer in hand. However, on days that I don’t run, I feel a sense of guilt. To me, a sense of accomplishment sits better in my stomach, so I habitually lace up my kicks five days a week and hit the pavement.

Since high school, I’ve considered myself quite the avid runner. From mandatory one-milers to charity races, themed 5Ks and 10Ks to major city marathons, running has become a part of who I am. Rain, snow or shine (well, not snow due to my regional climate, but you get the idea) one can find me along neighborhood trails, gym tracks or treadmills with ear buds in and music turned up high. Each day I try to tally at least five miles, usually averaging between 30 and 35 miles a week.


adidas running footwear, marathons, new technology, shoe technology, trainers


In a sport like running, I can tell you firsthand the gear you own makes all the difference. Finding and wearing proper footwear, as you undoubtedly guessed, is the Holy Grail to runners of all distances. In fact, serious yet treatable ailments like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, runner’s knee and shin splints can happen as a result of improper, unsupportive and low-tread footwear. 

Several brands out there today do a great job catering to running enthusiasts. With enhanced cushioning and built-in technology, Forrest Gump could’ve easily run an additional 4,000 miles, adding to his overall time of three years, two months, 14 days and 16 hours.

One of my favorite athletic footwear brands is adidas. Take a look below and read why I prefer these styles over many others on the market, and I'm sure you'll agree!


adidas running footwear, marathons, new technology, shoe technology, trainers

adidas running footwear, marathons, new technology, shoe technology, trainers


Featuring a classic black and grey base, stake your claim with bold lettering and pop color accents with the Response Boost 2 and Vigor 6. Each shoe is constructed of lightweight materials and breathable mesh, allowing for a great next-to-foot feel for max performance.

Furthermore, I really enjoy the integrated TORSION® SYSTEM on select styles. This integrated technology, paired with the boost™ midsole, helps support the midfoot with stability and a padded cushion. Check out this video here on how the system works! 


adidas running footwear, marathons, new technology, shoe technology, trainers

adidas running footwear, marathons, new technology, shoe technology, trainers

Looking to opt out of traditional color schemes and go for broke? Definitely check out the shoes above for some snazzy styles and awesome features that are definitely unique to their own.

The CC Rocket Boost was made to improve your run on any surface. Its STRETCHWEB outsole adapts to the ground for an optimized run from heel strike to toe off. And with a 360-degree climachill™ ventilation system, sweaty feet will be a thing of the past.

The adidas Duramo 7 and Ultra Boost are two exceptional shoes for the neutral runner. Engineered with ADIPRENE® technology, these shoes significantly help to increase impact protection in the heel and forefoot. And with a grippy rubber outsole, you’ll be able to go the distance regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

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Runner’s Hack: How To Properly Avoid Muscle Tension

Jeff Galloway, running, dehydration, proper stretching


Time and again you’ve heard trainers and running mates poetically wax and wane that stretching before and after runs significantly reduces the risk of injury. This longstanding notion is not entirely true, and now that you’re committed to running farther, it’s even more important to get proper information for improved performance. With that, let’s go ahead and introduce two tried and true ways to ease the tensions in your tendons. 


Jeff Galloway, running, dehydration, proper stretching



Most runners think they should stretch just before running. You see them everywhere, legs on benches, leaning against buildings, getting ready to run. I don’t recommend this. Just before running, the muscles are tight and may pull or strain easily. You are particularly at risk early in the morning when you’re cold and blood flow is minimal. Pushing a cold muscle, tendon or joint often leads to injury.

Stretching right after running is also a risky proposition. The muscles don’t simply stop all activity when you stop running. They are still “revved up” and ready to respond for about 30 minutes; stretching may cause them to spasm. When they are working hard like this, a stretch often activates the stretch reflex, leaving you tighter than before.

When, then? The best time to stretch is after the body is warmed up, relaxed and when the blood is moving. Since many runners do stretch incorrectly, it’s best to wait and stretch after warming up. Don’t stretch to warm the muscles up; it won’t work. Stretch in the evening, for example, or throughout the day as you have time. Many of my friends use stretching as a nice way to prepare for sleep.


Jeff Galloway, running, dehydration, proper stretching



Let’s face it—it’s hot out there, and we’re still weeks away from approaching autumn’s relief. With that being said, let’s talk about proper H2O intake and its impact on your body. As you’re probably well aware, dehydration can cause severe medical conditions, muscle soreness and increase your recovery time after long runs. Instead of putting yourself in harm’s way, keep the water flowing before, during and after your runs by following these simple guidelines. 

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, it’s crucial to drink early and regularly during a long outing, consuming 20-40 ounces of fluid per hour. This is a lot less than many of our runners are drinking, however, it averages to be about 4-7 ounces per mile for most runners. At the end of long runs, and for hours afterward, even if you are very thirsty, don’t drink more than 8 ounces of water about every 20 minutes. It is better to drink an electrolyte beverage, like Accelerade, which will help slow down the absorption of water. This regimen is also helpful in avoiding hyponatremia, or water intoxification, and can be read more in-depth here.

Although the aforementioned tips aren’t necessarily myth busters, I do hope they provide a new perspective on ways to maximize your muscle tolerance so you can run healthier.


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The Running List: What To Pack When Traveling Abroad

Welcome back everyone! I hope all of your summers are going swell, your runs strong, and your naps mighty and long.

Summertime is a great time to relax, unwind and travel to new, exciting destinations. I was fortunate enough to travel to Southeast Asia this past June. The trip was conveniently planned five days after the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon for a few different reasons; the main one being that if I had an awful race, I would be out of the country and hopefully everyone would forget to ask me about it by the time I returned.

Luckily I didn’t have to worry about dodging any marathon-related questions, as it was actually one of the best races I had run (woohoo!). In fact, it was so good that I did not want to lose my mojo and was afraid that the next two weeks of traveling would eliminate everything that I had worked so hard to obtain in terms of physical fitness. While numerous studies have shown that it is nearly impossible to lose one’s endurance in two weeks, I am neurotic, stubborn and believe what I want. With that, I knew that even though it would be difficult to run in the countries we were exploring, I was destined to make it happen.

The amazing thing about running and, quite honestly, one of the biggest reasons why I like it is because you can do it just about anywhere. At the bare minimum, all that is required is a good pair of running shoes and socks. (Though running in the nude is often shunned or heavily frowned upon in most places, so I don’t recommend it.)

When I travel, I take comfort in the fact of knowing that as long as I have my running shoes and two pairs of workout clothes (socks included) anything is possible. I tend to take at least two pairs of workout clothes so as to rotate them and allow the inevitable sweat to dry. This is my attempt to make them feel as new and non-gross as possible when I’m ready to wear again. If extra suitcase space permits, I will take another pair of clothes; however, it is an inescapable fact that when traveling a person will reuse their workout clothes without getting to launder them. Sure, by the time I return home I may have accumulated an extra set of houseflies, but getting that run in was so worth it!

The below items are a few of my favorites to take with me while I travel as they are lightweight, dry rather quickly, and do not take up much space in my suitcase.

running, workout, training, marathon, travel, adidas, nike, lucy, trina turk, moving comfort, brooks, new balance

  1. Lucy Workout Racerback 
  2. adidas TECHFIT™ Bra
  3. Nike Dri-FIT™ Venom Tempo Shorts

running, workout, training, marathon, travel, adidas, nike, lucy, trina turk, moving comfort, brooks, new balance

  1. Trina Turk Laser Cut Tank Top
  2. Moving Fiona Comfort
  3. Brooks Racey 7" Shorts

running, workout, training, marathon, travel, adidas, nike, lucy, trina turk, moving comfort, brooks, new balance

  1. New Balance Heathered Jersey Tank Top 
  2. Nike Dri-FIT™ Pro Classic Giraffe Bra
  3. adidas TECHFIT™ Capri Tights - Vibration Print

Until next time, happy trails, roads and any other unchartered terrains!


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New Brand Spotlight: SKORA

SKORA, SKORA Shoes, SKORA running shoes, running shoes, SKORA footwear, natural-inspired running shoes,

SKORA believes in manufacturing running footwear with an approach that is practical, honest, and realistic to a runner’s needs. For this reason, the entire SKORA shoe line is designed for real runners in the real world.

After a blown IT band, 18 months of physical therapy, and an exorbitant amount of money spent on orthotics and shoes, founder and CEO David Sypniewski came to the realization that if he wanted a running shoe that allowed him to both run and enjoy running, he would have to make one himself.

In a search to be pain free, Sypniewski discovered the benefits of barefoot running. He found that when his foot was able to strike the ground naturally, striking at the mid-foot instead of the heel, he was able to run longer with less pain and a greater sense of natural stability. As a result of this pursuit, SKORA running shoes became a labor of love, culminating in 12 years of working endlessly to craft better running footwear.

Each SKORA shoe is built with the principle of combining the benefits of natural-inspired running with the best, and necessary, enhancements that technology has to offer. Instead of continually seeking out new features and technologies to add, SKORA looks for unnecessary features to remove. The driving belief behind the brand is that the best running shoe is one that complements the body, without hindering its natural performance.


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The New Balance Fresh Foam

Technology is amazing. It has the power to transform everything from the ground up. Literally. When New Balance designed their Fresh Foam 980 line, they started with the idea of intelligent geometry. Using computer software to create the geometries that make up the innovative single-piece midsole, Fresh Foam is a lightweight running shoe that is truly unlike any other.

Providing the runner with a lower, more natural underfoot feel that’s like floating on air, the Fresh Foam delivers a soft yet stable, smooth ride every time.

See for yourself what the science of soft is all about and take the New Balance Fresh Foam out for a nice, long run this summer!

New Balance, New Balance Running Shoes, New Balance Fresh Foam, running, running shoes, Fresh Foam 980, New Balance footwear, running footwear, lightweight running shoes,


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adidas Springblade Drive

adidas, adidas running, adidas running footwear, adidas running shoes, adidas Springblade, adidas Springblade drive

Explosive Energy. That’s what adidas delivers with its revolutionary Springblade Drive. Springblade is the first-ever technology in running footwear designed to move you forward. Its radical design is the product of six years of development by the adidas innovation team.

Each of the 16 super elastic nylon springs are individually tuned to the needs of the runner throughout the gait cycle, harnessing energy and releasing more back to you with every stride.

The rear outside blades are tuned to absorb energy while the inside front blades are tuned to propel you forward, providing Explosive Energy. Designed for the runner looking for speed, the adidas Springblade is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. There is absolutely no traditional midsole foam between you and the blades, creating a never-felt-before ride that’s as fluid as it is fast.

To provide superb breathability, the adidas Springblade features a 3-dimensional engineered mesh upper with zones that provide air flow and other zones that provide support for that great adidas fit.

Add some speed to your fitness and running routine with the revolutionary adidas Springblade!

adidas, adidas running, adidas running footwear, adidas running shoes, adidas Springblade, adidas Springblade drive

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The Running List: Cold-Weather Gear

post by: Chelsea B.

It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s 5:30 in the morning and I have a scheduled five-mile midweek run before I head into the office. Two months ago, jumping out of bed and hitting the pavement was no problem at all. That was when it was warm, bright, and birds were singing. 

I have to admit that as much as I love running, I hate running in cold weather. I was born and raised in Las Vegas where anything below 65 degrees is grounds for a “hard freeze warning.”

Now, despite my strong distaste and overall inability to function in cold weather, I absolutely hate running anything over two miles on a treadmill. Unless a volcano is erupting, there is a sharknado warning, or a pack of wild dingoes is on the loose, I will always choose to run outside.

With that, I know that I must suck it up and start layering up. Like any normal, slightly OCD runner, I like to have my gear laid out and ready to go the night before so all I have to do is literally roll out of bed and put them on. While getting ready for a run this time of year is a little more labor intensive than the good ol’ days of throwing on shorts and a tank, the good news is that there are tons of amazing cold-weather running products available to help stave off the frigid air that winter brings Woohoo!

From your oh-so important feet to the top of your head, Zappos Running has you covered (literally) so you can get those miles in through the coldest of days.

Below are some of my favorites in cold-weather running clothing & gear:

 Cold-Weather Gear for Running

1. Under Armour UA Qualifier Knit Pants

2. Under Armour Coldgear® Infrared Leggings

3. adidas Techfit Cold Weather Long Tights

4. Mountain Hardwear Momentum Running Gloves

5. Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra

6. Nike Running Elite Hyper-Lite No-Show Socks

7. ASICS Favorite Long-sleeve Top

8. New Balance Accelerate Long-sleeve Top

9. Brooks Essential Long-sleeve Half Zip Top

10. Salomon Active Beanie

11. Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie III

Until next time, happy trails, roads and other unchartered terrain!