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The Office Joker!

Oh, don't you just love joking around in the office? We sure do!

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Justin Bieber Gets Hit in the Head!!!

When Justin Bieber got hit in the head with a water bottle, our very own Pat from the blogs team could really relate to his traumatic experience. See the video from last month's Zappos Idol.

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Safety Rocks!

Safety comes first in the Zappos Kentucky Family!

Recently the Zappos Safety Idol was held within the fulfillment center to promote our number one priority! Departments got together to create musically inspired safety songs and to have a little fun, of course. Glenn L. was announced the winner of Zappos Safety Idol at our All Hands meeting July 27th where he performed his fabulous song Zappos Fulfillment Centers, Inc. Glenn makes safety rock!


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Seriously, I can't believe the Blog Bus has been turned into a men's bathroom.

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Melissa wants to look good, but instead it looks like a rainbow threw up on her.

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4th Of July Party, Baby!!!

This may go down in history as the greatest July 4th Party EVER! Sadly, I will never know...

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Office Hoarder

Office Hoarder Pat's gotta clean up his act!

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Melissa Eats Styrofoam!!!

Melissa's hunger knows no bounds...including styrofoam. Do your coworkers have strange eating habits?